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Memorable & Practical Presentation

01. Captivating Introduction

  • Think of a question you can ask in your introduction

  • Easy Trick: Humour is risky – if you are not a natural comedian. But an easy way to intoduce humour is to find a funny cartoon or video related to the topic and put it in your introduction slide.

02. Beginning & End
  • People are most attentive in the beginning and at the end. Both your beginning and end must summarize your entire presentation.

03. Engaging Delivery

  • Create a script – think of a few positve words – which you will use while explaining each slide.

    • Easy Trick: Search on for more vibrant alternatives to the common words you use.

    • Easy Trick: Seach on company website and note down a few phrases they use. You will be speaking the language of the interviewers this way!

  • Do not just attempt to memorize this script but internalize it by going over it many times with the slides. Practise!

  • Do not ever read the text on the slide.

04. Command Confidence

Demonstrate Confidence Through Command Presence

Improving Your Command Presence (

Easy Trick: Black Slide Technique

  • Prepare a couple of completely black slides in your presentation. When you audience the audience to pay attention to you instead of the slides, bring up this black slide.

  • Alternatively during the slide show mode in MS PowerPoint – hit B key to get your screen completely black. Hit B again to go back to your presentation.

05. Practical Benefits

  • For each point highlight some practical benefit for the audience.

  • What is it that the audience need to do to get practical benefit from your point?

06: Simplicity

  • Each of your points should be clear, concise and related to a common theme you have chosen.

  • Each of these points should be distinct and complete in itself