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Mel’s Rebellion

Melissa’s Rebellion

I’m an eclectic author.  My love for music and all things different or what inspired me. I hope to inspire others not only in aircrafts but and acceptance of each other no matter how different.

Theory of rebellion, School debut Is a story I wrote when graduating from high school. It is a fictional representation of some struggles I went through as a teenager. The title theory of rebellion does represent the struggle of living with peer pressure and bullying. It’s also the name of a rock band in the book.

So far most of my promotions have been through social media. I create memes and make post to get people’s attention to the subject. I’ve enjoyed having conversations with people on social media and directing them to my website.

I started writing stories when I was nine years old. In school, I had difficulty what writing and reading. I had a teacher who suggested for the first time that I write what I wanted to write. Since then I have loved writing.

I didn’t consider doing anything with my writing until I had an English Professor told me that “editors are a dime a dozen people with creative ideas are rare.” She loved my writing.  I had never met anyone who read my writing with an opinion of my form and not my spelling. Because of that today making notes in my phone about random ideas that I have is not unusual for me. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary gets dismissed as just a thought. They are all ideas that I meant to be played with.

You can read at the first three pages of Theory of Rebellion on my website there are also links to Barnes & Noble and Amazon on my Facebook group #TheoryofRebellion.