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Maria Lee Negotiates A Well Paid Executive Assistant Job

After 17 years of working for a NY based collection agency Maria was at the end of her rope. Making cold calls to hostile customers is never an easy task – and it was made more daunting by the fact that Maria’s boss was – according to Maria – an overly demanding termagant. Eventually the decision was taken out of Maria’s hands when her company closed offices and laid off all the collection agents.

Maria’s friends and family told her that a past life in a collection agency wasn’t the right passport to a new, better career. They told her that the skills she had learned as a collection agent are very specific skills – unlikely to be prized by any other employer. Faced with a barrage of non-motivational, non-constructive feedback, Maria saw doom and gloom at every turn.

However, when Maria learned about the Career Development Toolkit and started working with the solution, she was able to identify the transferable hard skills she had learned in her job. Maria realized that she could leverage these skills in any new job.


Maria also published her redesigned resume on LinkedIn where it caught the attention of a recruiter. After an initial screening interview, Maria found herself in another face-to-face interview with the General Manager of a large automobile dealership in Oakville. The GM was much impressed with the confident manner in which Maria explained how her past life’s experience has helped her to learn valuable skills which would benefit a future employer. In addition, the systematic way in which Maria had been organizing her job search campaign was much admired by the GM as well as by the recruiter.

Maria not only got the offer letter from the dealership, she was able to negotiate a much higher salary than her previous job by highlighting her strengths effectively.

We wish Maria great success in her new job!

Please note that the names of the client and the company has been changed to respect their privacy.