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LinkedIn Secrets: Find Jobs

How to Find People and Jobs On LinkedIn

  • Go to “Find People” tab to start. You can filter your searches by company, location, job title etc.

  • You can even use this tool to find the last person who had the job you are applying for. In the toolkit check tool, search for job title and company, but this time make sure “Current titles only” Is unchecked.

  • You can also use the “Find Jobs” tab. Here as part of the search result, you see listings of job titles, company, location & date. You also see how many degrees you are away from the person posting the job. Clicking on the job title brings up details which includes a section –“Inside connection to the company” and “Inside connection to the poster”. These sections show you your own connections who are connected to the company and specifically to the person posting the job, respectively.

  • LinkedIn has an application called JobInsider which shows you the names of the people that you or your direct contacts know at any company listed on a job page anywhere on the internet. This works even when you search for jobs on monster, careerbuilder etc.

  • Use LinkedIn explorer to see your career paths

How to Make Effective Connections on LinkeIn

Once you find the people you are interested in, you can get in touch with them through different ways.

• Search for people in LinkedIn who work in the company at which you are applying.

• If a key decision maker or insider is not in your network in LinkedIn – check out “How You’re Connected” feature of LinkedIn for that person. Even if you are not directly connected you can tell the person ‘we are connected on linkedin through…’.

• Search for people – not jobs – in the companies you are interested in. Use tools like ‘PIPL’, ‘PEEK’, ‘YOU’, ‘’,,,,,

• Find out which company they work for and call the receptionist

• Search for them on facebook and other social media site to check if they have an email listed

• Send them a linkedin inmail

• Use jigsaw and other contact info finding tools

Find Recruiters On LinkedIn – Using Google

Copy and Paste the following search string into Google

intitle:linkedin (“recruiter” AND “engineering” AND “Texas”) -intitle:profile -intitle:updated -intitle:blog -intitle:directory -intitle:jobs -intitle:groups -intitle:events -intitle:answers

When would this trick not work?

  1. The person has not used the key words you are looking for in his profile, you won’t find them.
    For example, if you are looking for a “Recruiter”, the person has to have used “recruiter” in his or her profile. If they used “headhunter,” for example, then you won’t find them unless you do a another search using those key words.
  2. Other Boolean operators such as NOT and OR don’t work as well in this google trick. That is why we only recommend using the AND operator.
  3. If a person has marked his LinkedIn profile as “private,” google won’t find them for you.

  • If I use the above search string, I find people who are a “recruiters” at “for engineering” in “Texas” and have a public profile on LinkedIn and used those particular words in their profile.

  • If I change “engineering” to “nursing”, I now find recruiters who help to find nursing jobs.

Remember, with this powerful trick you can find not only recruiters, but also your old classmates, professors, hiring managers and other contacts on linkedin with whom you can network!

To play with this ‘tool’ you can must keep the rest of the search string intact – exactly as shown in the example above. However you can change the words in side the bracket. Use these words within the brackets to narrow your search as you play with the this tool.

Network with alumni at your old school – For example, if you wanted to find all M. Tech graduates at IIT KGP, you would use the following: intitle:linkedin ( “IIT KGP” AND “M. Tech”) -intitle:profile -intitle:updated -intitle:blog -intitle:directory -intitle:jobs -intitle:groups -intitle:events -intitle:answers

If you change “IIT KGP” to “Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur”, you get more people. Some of these people may be the same people if they used both sets of key words in their profile.

Find Companies On LinkedIn

In the “Company Profiles” tool of linkedin – you can also search for “Related Companies”. Related Companies feature lets you find other companies where your skills may be of value.