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Land of Good Dreams by T. S. Thompson

The Land of Good Dreams is a touching story of a family’s journey into togetherness.

t. s. thompson book reviewT. S. Thompson is a masterful storyteller who draws us into her story with Samantha and her foster family. Reading the book, I felt as if I was right there in the room with Emma, Richard and Samantha, observing them bring comfort to each other. Thompson’s picturesque descriptions make the story come alive vividly in our own minds. I could see Samantha in the Land of Good Dreams, as “she ran carefree through a field of pink cosmos,” and felt my eyes becoming moist with happiness when her foster parents allowed her to keep Midnight.

A few minor formatting enhancements could perhaps make the book even more enjoyable. When I purchased the book and downloaded it on my Kindle, it would have helped to have a quick look at an introduction or summary chapter so I could follow the story more easily. However, the book summary is on Amazon page and I was able to read it there – having it inside the book as well would just make things easier for a lazy person like me. It’s a long story, so breaking it down into sections and having a table of contents would help as well. Again it might be a matter of personal preference – since I am a technical geek I like things structured. I often jump from one part of a story to another, and back again as I read a book. I often open story-books at a random page and then relish reading a few pages with a cup of hot tea. Most other folks, I imagine would read a book cover to cover, following the story, the way it is meant to be enjoyed. What I mention here are minor issues and do not in any way detract from the fact that this is a five star book.

This beautiful book took me by surprise with its ability to bubble up emotions, the characters which came alive in my mind, and the feel-good experience it left me with.

land of good dreams book reviewI loved visiting the author’s site ( where she shares how she carefully selected the models who are on the book cover.

I started reading this book in the evening after a tough day at work. Thompson’s story helped me to relax, and quickly transported me into another world altogether.

As T. S. Thompson writes, “the world is in need of good family-friendly books everyone can enjoy.” I very much enjoyed being a part of Samantha’s uplifting adventure. This book is a must-read for all ages.

You can purchase both Kindle Edition as well as paperback copies of book from Amazon:

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