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Step 11: Killer Profile: High Impact Cover Letter (including proven templates)


01. Using the Cover eMail example in the Playbook, create a cover eMail which you will send with your resume.
Time Needed: 60 minutes

02. Invite atleast 20 people to be your contacts on LinkedIn. Ask for recommendations from atleast three people (read the tips for asking recommendation in the Playbook.).
Time Needed: 30 minutes

03. Create a Thank You eMail which you will send after every talking to people about your job search or after interviews..
Time Needed: 2 hours

To complete these activities use “Playbook: High Impact Cover eMail”.

Cover eMail Template

Subject Line

(1) Your professional Objective + (2) A reference to the job for which you are applying.


Dear Mr. or Ms. Last Name (Alternatively – Dear First Name)

  • If you don’t know the gender – write “Dear First last”
  • If you don’t know the name – “Dear Hiring Manager”

1st Paragraph: Grab Attention

  • Your Elevator Pitch – tailored for the job you are applying. Emphasize how you can bring unique value to the company and to the hiring manager’s team.
  • Mention a referral source if possible.
  • Pay a genuine, honest complement – “…I found your presentation on “Business Growth” very insightful and full of forward thinking ideas…”

2nd Paragraph: Relevant Skills

  • Use bullet points to list key skills and accomplishments which are most relevant for the job you are applying.
  • Mention that you have attached a resume in the mail.

3rd Paragraph: Call To Action

  • Request an interview and mention when exactly you will followup with telephone. If possible find out the name of the hiring manager’s assistant and mention that you will contact her for an appointment.
  • Offer to meet in person if possible.
  • Offer to provide any additional information if needed.
  • Thank the reader for his consideration.

Your Signature

Include Your:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • eMail
  • Cellphone

Toolkit: Cover eMail Example

Summary of Artifacts Which Complement Your Resume

  1. Cover eMail using the above format

  2. Recommendations – eMail, Letters, LinkedIn Recommendations & Endorsements
    When asking for recommendations, specifically mention the position you are aiming for, so the recommender can attest to your suitability for that position in his or her recommendation.

  3. Followup eMail

  4. Thank You eMail

  5. List of references – Send your resume to those people who have agreed to act as your reference. This will enable them to support what you have written.

  6. Executive Summary – This is a mini-resume.
    An executive summary of your resume is a condensed, ONE page version of your resume which lets the reader scan for your key skills and accomplishments quickly. It’s your abbreviated biography.


Toolkit Executive Summary