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Author Spotlight

Who would have thought after writing my book, Grandma’s Secret Blessings, A Memoir with a Twist that I would wake up one morning with a message from the Universe?

The message was one of many synchronistic events that triggered me over the last twenty years to become a writer. This time was different, this time I was told to write The Mortal Wounds Series a compilation of books about the Wounded Child.

Leading up to that day, I always wondered, “What is my purpose in life?” After identifying thirty-one wounded children hidden deep in my psyche, for the next twenty-four hours after receiving this message I was given title after title.

With over sixty titles, I’m going to live a longer life than I envisioned. Not only will I continue to write, but I  have learned so much about the book marketing and book publishing business that other authors tell me, “You are a social media genius and a book marketing master.” 

They asked me to teach them, so I created Overt Outreach, Social Media Empowerment and Virtual Training for Authors as well as my own publishing company, known as Meta Home Publishing Company. 

I provide book editing services, book format services and Book Publishing/Uploads to and as well doing Spanish Translation services that include publishing as well.

Speaking Overtoutreach, we are in the process of providing Authors with my signature Book Launch Training that will teach them how to improve sales and increase their opportunity to make it the NY York Times Bestseller List and/or USA Today. The cost of this awesome blue-print is a mere $127.00 and any other signing up will receive an email listing of readers consisting of over 1 Million, that’s right one million readers.

For information, they can reach me at or to simplify things, and visit my website at

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I’m always open for a chat, feel free to contact me however you wish to do so.