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Job Finding Tools & Techniques: What is the Career Development Toolkit?

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What are the Career Development Tools?

Step by Step, Self-Guided Career Tools

Real World Expertise from Industry Leaders

New Breakthrough Resources Personalized for You

Free Job Finding Tools

Finding a job can be a lonely journey. Finally… here is a tool that will cure that loneliness and provide you support to carve out a career of your dreams!

Executive? Experienced Professional? Housewife? College Graduate?

With the skills & knowledge you have acquired you are destined to be very successful in the career of your choice? Why? Because your skills are around you, and what you stand for -integrity and initiative – two traits which are nearly impossible to come by.

You have worked hard to be the expert you are. It’s finally time to take everything you’ve learned to the next level and step into the career you have always wanted. A job in a field of your choice, one that you would love, and that will bring you the money to fulfill your dreams!

Systematic Real-world Approach

However, finding a job can seem challenging, especially in a field of your choice!

The majority of job seekers are fighting their battle alone. They are stressed and tired. Job finders constantly browse online job posts and keep writing to recruiters. Days and weeks pass by without any positive response from employers, and job finders are not sure if they are doing the right things.

It’s easy to see why most job finders start doubting their own capabilities.

It’s simply because they don’t have the career resources, real-world insider information, support and knowledge that the successful candidates have.

Personalize Your Resume, Job Finding & Interview Approach

What if you had all the support, guidance & knowledge that make the difference…. all from one source? provides career tools to supercharge your resume, highlight your achievements and prepare you for your job interview. You also have a career explorer to research job profiles.

The output from the online job finding tools can be personalized for your experience level.

These tools have been created by advisers who are real-world industry experts, not merely “text-book type” career coaches. advisers come from diverse backgrounds – they have been CEOs, senior leaders, recruitment specialists, entrepreneurs and technical experts. They have one thing in common – a passion to help job seekers smash through the artificial walls keeping them back – by providing correct guidance.

These job finding tools are continuously refreshed and are always current with the job market trends. You have at your finger tips, the easiest, fastest and latest ways of finding a job quickly in your chosen field.

At, we specialize in advanced job search techniques – to make things happen in the real world. The career tools we bring for you are practical tools; these are not text-book solutions.

Proven and Tested Tools to Find Your Dreamjob

For years in Canada, I had worked in all sorts of odd jobs – just to survive. When I had almost given up hope, I registered with against my wishes, persuaded by my wife. Within 5 weeks, I had a job in my own field – as an Oracle DBA! brought back my smile!” – Eric Liu, Toronto’s Smart Search and Resume Makeover tools have practically transformed my life!” – Maria Lee, New York

With a redesigned resume on LinkedIn and a clear strategy for handling objections in the interview, I landed a job in a Fortune 500 company in three weeks. I give full credit to” Bhupendra Tyagi, New Delhi

We keep an ear to the ground, listening to real world experts. We invite industry thought leaders to share practical tips on how newcomers can get a fast start in their field. Explore interviews from industry leaders in the toolkit resource library. Explore the Career Development Toolkit today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Killer Profile app different from other online resume maker tools?

All the other online resume maker tools follow a cookie cutter traditional format. Your resume would look like the resume of many other candidates – just a summary of your skills and accomplishments.

In contrast, helps you create a Killer Profile based on accomplishment stories format and an effective social media presence. Your skills and experiences are woven in the profile fabric too, so your new profile immediately appeals to every requirement.

Should I not get my resume made by a career coach or a professional resume maker?

It is proven that a “resume expert” or a “personal branding consultant” rarely turns out to be anything more than an expensive cosmetic.

So then, who is most capable of helping you? You! You know yourself best and you are most capable of making things happen for yourself!! is unique since it empowers YOU with step-by-step self guided tools to create your resume, supercharge your LinkedIn profile and create an eye-catching cover letter.

Give yourself and a chance. You will be glad you did, your lifestyle and career will never be the same – Start Exploring! Career Development Toolkit: Three Free Tools is more than resume making! The three tools in – Killer Profile, Winning Interview & Smart Search provide a complete toolset for finding your dream-job. Professionals, Back-to-Work Moms and Executives – tools are designed to be be personalized for your specific career goal.

Killer Profile: Smash Ahead with Guerrilla Tactics in your Resume

Exploit the new “Accomplishment Story Format” – Transform your resume into a killer profile which creates excitement in the hiring manager’s mind.

Supercharge your resume with proven copy-writing techniques used by industry experts – Automatically get positioned above other candidates. steps you through your resume, transforming it into a potent marketing tool. Starting with the design & layout, you personalize it using copywriting techniques, industry keywords, a comprehensive checklist plus more. You finish the program with a persuasive cover letter to accompany your resume.

Winning Interview: Win any Interview – Pull Ahead of the Pack with Top Dog language, Elevator Pitch & Insider Information.

Anticipate your interview scenarios in advance.

Be “in-the-know” about how your interviewer evaluates candidates.

Talk to the hiring manager in a ‘Top Dog’ language. This single tool will win you immediate admiration from your interviewer.

Even for seasoned professionals, talking about themselves and their work does not come easy. How do you make an effective, credible, honest case for yourself in a short time without making it sound like a “sales pitch”? guides you in creating an effective elevator pitch for yourself.

In addition, gives you the tools to win any interview by empowering you with insider information about your interviewer and his or her company. Starting with the tools to research the target company & potential interviewers, you quickly prepare for different interview types and have your own checklist of the right questions to ask. You get the inside scoop on how recruiters work and how hiring managers grades candidates.

You learn to speak with the right industry perspective and anticipate the problem questions in advance. A sophisticated self-guided tool steps you through crafting and delivering compelling presentations, examining your offer letter as well as negotiating your salary.

Leverage proven strategies & tools in your hunt and we are confident that you will shine above all other candidates.

Smart Search: Smart Search Helps You Rapidly Expand your Network to Find Hidden Jobs

Utilize a step-by-step proven system which guides you to finding hidden jobs.

Uncover the techniques used by successful career professionals – exploit techniques, tools and templates not available to the common man.

Make job finding an enjoyable, logical endeavour. Measure your progress everyday – no uncertainty anymore.

Focusing on the obvious – jobs advertised on the Job boards, LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and others – would not uncover all the opportunities. We go beyond the obvious for you with powerful techniques utilized by big corporations which are not available to the common man.

Smart Search takes you through a systematic approach of finding your job – crafting a killer Elevator Pitch, quickly identifying your target jobs, companies & industries – and identifying the right contacts. Smart Search is designed to guide you on a path which leads you – step-by-step with confidence – to a goal you set for yourself.

Get Started with Career Development Toolkit

The Career Development Toolkit consists of a series of posts in three categories: Smart Search, Killer Profile and Winning Interview. We recommend completing the ‘Smart Search’ program first as it guides you to creating your elevator pitch and professional objective that you will use in preparing your ‘Killer Profile’ and planning for your ‘Winning Interview’.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Smart Search

Step 2: Killer Profile

Step 3: Winning Interview

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