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Interview Scenarios

1: Phone Interview

Typically this is done by the recruitement agency or the HR department to filter out and select candidates for a subsequent interview with the hiring manager.

Today, in globally dispersed teams phone interviews are also done by hiring managers to select candidates for a final round of in-person interviews.

Standup when speaking – this trick fills your voice with instant energy.

Smile when speaking – this trick fills your voice with enthusiasm and smile.

Make sure you get the interviewers name (correct spelling), eMail and phone number – and also office address if your next step is in person interview.

If necesary you can ask the interviewer to reschedule if you are at a noisy, inconvenient place – ask him to hold for a moment while you close the door.

Try to shoot for an in-person interview as a next step.

Send a thank you note after the interview as in the case of in-person interview.

2: In Person Interview

This is the most common form of interview.

3: Panel interview

  • A group of interviewers together interview the candidate.

  • Try to find out who would be on the panel – their names, titles and focus areas.

  • Panel interviews help to create support for the selected candidates.

  • When a question is asked, look at the interviewer directly as if he is the only person in the room and speak directly to him.

  • Thank the group of interviewers in the panel – and if it is a small group then shake hands with each of them individually.

  • Apart from these points treat the interview just as you would handle a single interviewer.

4: Presentation

The candidate is invited for a presentation before a group of interviewers. The presentation may be based on a small project or case study which the candidate may have been given in advance.

5: Video Interviews

6. Skype Interviews or other video conferencing technologies

6: Offsite Interviews

Interviews over lunch or in other social settings like golf courses or professional conventions or parties