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Interview Room Basics


  1. It’s best to be dressed safely in business suite – even if you are told that the customer has a casual work environment. You may skip the tie if you like. But a jacket and formal trousers are must. You can always take out the jacket if you want to and put it on the chair.

  2. Make sure your shoes are clean. The shoe color must match your belt.

  3. Color: Make sure the colors of your clothes are in harmony with each other. Get advice from a friend before you try out any new color combination. Safe choices: Stick with navy blue or charcoal grey suites. Avoid suites/jackets of any other color like brown or black or cream. Choose black shoes and black socks with black leather belt.

  4. Avoid any body odor: Take a shower, brush your teeth AND tongue (and then do not eat or drink before the interview), use a freshly washed shirt, use deodorant, do not use strong perfume or hair oils.

  5. Must shave before interview.

  6. When you shake hands you must look the person in the eye.


    1. Be on time

    2. Ensure that you have all the essentials – location of interview, phone number of the interviewer, business cards, notebook, pen, laptop, resume printouts.

    Pay attention to the receptionist

    • Ask her how she is doing and how her day is going.

    • ideally you should call her a day in advance to confirm the interview – make sure you note down her name when she announces it on the phone.

    Sit down in a relaxed setting

    • If you have a choice of two chairs do not sit in the chair directly facing the interviewer. Sit at an angle.

    • Pull out your chair a bit if necessary, so you and the interviewer don’t sit in a straight line. This way you make the setting to be informal instead of being an interrogation room like setting.