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Interview Questions For Your Job

1. Ask someone who is in a similar job

The greatest success I had in an interview was when I asked a VP of sales to do a mock interview for me and also tell me the answers he would have given. I then went for an interview with another VP of sales and he loved all my answers!

2. Ask someone who knows the interviewer.

Talk to someone who has worked for him in the past or is currently in his team. Check if you can find a connectionn on linkedin who can introduce you to such a person.

3. Be ready for trick questions and some unconventional interview tactics esp in entry level positions or those jobs which require creativity.

4. Today, many companies give the candidates a case assignment or a mini project which you may be asked to present at a later date.

5. Do intelligent search on google

Quick advice – Be yourself. be Real. There are no right ot wrong answers.

The only thing which matters in these questions is not the answer but your approach – did you show confidence, cool headedness and a relaxed approach to getting to the answer.