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Interview Evaluation Form

Candidate’s Attribute



Personal & Interpersonal

Attitude, first impression, smart, body language (facial expression/gestures), fidgeting or nervous movements, posture, grooming

Listening, assertiveness, confidence, communications (oral, political, savvy, persuasive, common sense)

Integrity, intellectual, initiative, excellence, adaptability, independence

Job stability – long term objectives.

Are the candidate’s expctations from the job realistic?

Will the candidate integrate well in company culture and team?

Influence, Relationships & Reputation

Would the candidate ‘s existing relationships benefit my team or my company? For example – relationships with customers in a particular region, with vendors or other businesses & services etc.

Recommendations and contacts which the candidate has on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google.

Is the candidate an internal referral?

Evidence of thought leadership – blogs, books, awards

Analytical & other Soft Skills relevant to the positiuon

Problem solving skills


Proactive, Innovativeness, entrepreneur attitude, Energy, Enthusiasm, passion, Ambition, Long Term Objectives, Balance, Tenacity, Personal Drive (focus on results)

Can the candidate motivate others?

Is the candidate a self starter?

Leadership & Management

Corporate & community citizenship, vision, creativity

Mentorship – Evidence of significant impact

Talent management – hiring/firing experience – recruiting, interviewing, performance assessments and ability to grow a team

Project Management – organization & planning, volunteer work, manage deadlines

Storytelling, Influencing change

Strategic thinking vs tactical. Decision making & judgement.

Focus & success with growing revenue, impact on business growth, meeting SLAs, examples of reducing cost, customer focus.

Experience with making deals – ROI, budget conscious, negotiation & conflict resolution, vendor negotiation. Mergers & acquisitions

Soft Skills – esp related to communication & presentation style

Avoided filler words (Umm, like, I mean, you know)

Provided clear and concise responses with appropriate vocal tone

Emphasized strengths and highlighted unique skills

Provided specific examples with results and accomplishments
to illustrate relevant experiences or skills – PREP technique

1-2 Punch technique

Paused to organize thoughts prior to responding to difficult questions

Used proper grammar; avoided slang, abbreviations & acronyms

Used postive words which convey enthusiasm and excitement

Refrained from bad-mouthing others

Names dropping – balanced or excess?

Persistence, stamina

Hard Skills

Relevant to the position

Subject Matter Expertise – Primary expertise areas

Ability to apply expertise – examples & stories from past

For example – a technologist may have strong skills in technology or computers etc, while he/she may have less strong skills in other ‘secondary’ areas like project management.

Subject Matter Expertise – Secondary expertise areas

Ability to apply expertise & skills

Does the competitor have insider knowledge of my company’s competitors which can be leveraged in our team?

Domain Knowledge & Breadth of Expertise

Architect’s perspective & ability to understand the complete picture of the environment

Does the candidate understand other “moving parts” which intersect with his/her job…. can the candidate speak how to create a complete deliverable for the end customer

Industry Knowledge

Keywords used in the industry, jargon, regulatory laws in the industry, trends in the industry

How does the nature of the job – skills required change – based on the industy type.

Example – financial companies may have spefic requirements for compliance with compliance laws like PCI regulation etc.


Relevant to the position

Education, Trainings & Certifications

Relevant to the position

Other Job Related Criteria

Must Have & Nice to Have – as mentioned in the job ad

Questions asked by candidate

Insightful questions or cliches?

Strengths & Weaknesses

What are the candidates chief strengths & weaknesses?


Is the candidate’s able to support and provide evidence for the information mentioned in the resueme?

How does the candidate compare with other candidates?

Did the candidate finish strong?

Is the Candidate a go or no-go?