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How to Start a Blog with The Blogger Trailmap: The Story of the Book

the blogger trailmap
The team has written The Blogger Trailmap, to share the techniques we have used ourselves, in growing the blog. Our goal is to give you the templates and steps to start a blog quickly.

The story of this book begins in the early 2000s when many of us worked 9 to 5 office jobs. We didn’t really hate our desk jobs. We were, generally speaking, very good at our jobs and enjoyed it, at least initially. What we didn’t like was building someone else’s dream. We didn’t like being worried about job security, having to ingratiate myself with ourselves with our managers for bonuses and being tied to a desk.

The Blogger Trailmap
When the internet started to shatter the limitations of the established job culture, we were drawn to it, like bees to a honey drop. We were entranced by the possibility of no longer having to depend on a corporation for our survival.

When we made our first sale (of a toy we had created) through a PayPal button on our blog, We thought we had stumbled upon gold. We dreamed of blog which would replace our jobs. We wanted to be full-time bloggers but We needed a formula to earn a full-time income.

With our full heart and soul we jumped into blogging. We created a digital product in 2008, created many websites and blogs, but real money eluded us.

We didn’t lack information. The internet was chock-full of advice on how to start a blog, from affiliate marketers, SEO experts, WordPress gurus and internet superstars. We poured over their blogs and books and videos.

Unfortunately, so much information on the internet is from people who recommend tools and strategies to promote affiliate links or their own products, that you can easily end up wasting months and years of your life. Which is what we did. We wasted years trying out various strategies. Yes – we tried for years.

We wished there was a no-nonsense guide on “how to start a blog”, clearly outlining the steps on how-to set up a successful and profitable blog.

We eventually figured out through trial and error what works and what doesn’t.

This is what We share in the The Blogger Trailmap.

We wish we had an honest & practical book like this years back.

In this book, we have distilled all our personal experiences, as well as lessons learned from the successes we have had with working with our customers.

If you are interested please check out the book on Amazon:

How to start a blog

We have distilled our experiences in the book, the Blogger Trailmap. In addition, we have created a large number of in-depth guides and downloadable templates to support the book (links in the book).

The Blogger Trailmap highlights

  • Templates to set clear goals and craft a blogging roadmap, avoid common mistakes, and how to get started quickly.
  • With a focus on action, this book brings for you the tools, templates, and checklists to help you quickly Implement what you learn in every section of the book.
  • Gives you a proven framework for creating content which people would love to read and share.
  • Simplifies every critical aspect of a blog – e.g. Magnetic Headlines, Copywriting, Swipe Files SEO, Sales Funnel, Landing Page and email Harvest.
  • Crush it on social media without going crazy – Build a list of raving fans and subscribers on autopilot without constant hustling.
  • Secrets to rank high in search engines with SEO best practices so that you can grow your traffic and get readers to come find you.
  • An easy-to-follow, systematic process to make money through your blog & grow your business.
  • Above all, you will learn that you don’t need fancy tech or cool tricks to grow your blog!
  • Whether you are a hobby blogger or blogging for profit, we believe that what we are sharing in this book are truly game-changing ideas to make your blog more meaningful and hugely successful.

Is The Blogger Trailmap book useful for seasoned bloggers?

We believe that the book is equally useful for both beginners as well as seasoned bloggers. Beginners of course will benefit from the entire book which is truly grounded in reality. Professionals will benefit from the advanced chapters such as monetization techniques and the idea of creating a community to grow your blog.

We sometimes hear from experienced bloggers that ‘this book is more suitable for beginners’. We agree that the book does not give out a new magic formula to make you successful. This is a book of action. If you simply read through the book then it is unlikely to be of value. It is only by doing that one can learn and grow. We have created an extensive set of action plans the links to which are included at the end of each chapter. After you have read a chapter, say on building communities, please review the action plans at the end of the chapter and try out at least a few things which you may not have been doing so far.

As an example, ‘growing your community’ chapter includes links to free guides where we have analyzed many successful bloggers and vloggers who have built successful communities.

Many seasoned bloggers find the treasure chest of tips and advice in the book to be really valuable. Here’s a very positive comment in an Amazon review about this book: “I don’t usually read how-to books. I prefer to figure things out myself, the hard way. But this book is full of useful tips and advice“.

We are confident that if you truly use this book in the spirit in which it was written – to be acted upon – you will be enormously successful in your blogging. Wishing you much success!

If you are interested please check out the book on Amazon: