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How to Create Vlogs That People Will Love and Share?

A guest post by Venli

What’s a foolproof formula for amazing & engaging videos?

For years, I hunted for the magical, mind-blowing tips on how to create alluring content that my audience would love.

I wanted to create captivating videos which would generate full-time income through my channel.

In addition to all the well-meaning advice about the basics of content creation, I realized that there is one fundamental strategy that can transform any content from OK to extraordinary.

Though I am not the smartest writer, this simple strategy allows me to be successful enough to run my own company and pay my bills.

As a beginner vlogger and blogger I struggled to find ideas for YouTube videos and blogs.

What should I post, that would get my audience excited?

I dreaded each posting deadline! Everything I posted sounded so trite and meaningless. Who would ever get any value out of all this, I wondered.

One day I had a crazy idea. Let’s create content which would be useful for at least one person – myself!

One of the topics I was needed information on was “YouTube Search Engine Optimization”. The internet was a jungle of conflicting information. So I set about researching how YouTube search engine works, how viewers find videos and how YouTube ranks them.

I created a very comprehensive YouTube SEO Checklist I planned to use for my own video vlogs.

After I posted the YouTube SEO Checklist on my blog, I found myself returning to it, again and again.

This was a very valuable post I thought.

I had a sudden and striking realization that this is what I should be doing for all my blog posts and YouTube videos!

This is the one strategy which makes writing or video-creating easy. Create videos and blogposts which are meaningful for YOU! Your audience will automatically fall in love with your blogposts and vlogs.

In my blog, I share with my readers the knowledge I continue to collect, the things I learn. I invite my audience to be join in my journey. This strategy makes my blogging so effortless.

The best blogs or videos are those in which the blogger shares his or her own journey through life. You could share incidents from your personal life or creative activities that you are engaged in.

Revealed: The big secret to creating Vlogs that people will love and share

The big secret to creating Vlogs that people will love and share, is that you should create videos which you yourself would enjoy watching.

And, when writing blogs, write about what you yourself would enjoy reading.

Talk about things that are useful to you. Create a video to entertain yourself. Write a blog post which would serve as a reference for you in future.

Create content for yourself, not for some abstract mythical audience that you believe exists in the hyperverse!

As you write your blog or create videos, keep in mind some basic principles of writing.

  • Make your post surprising or funny – create drama in the form of a story or experience – Use the “problem – solution” formula to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. Here is an amazing story template that will automatically jazz up your post or video.
  • The other post ideas which also work are lists, How-to and interviews.
  • As your audience grows, you ask them what they want to hear about too.
  • Write with the search engine in mind. You can find topic ideas by searching on Google for a subject, and then scrolling down to “Related-Searches” at the bottom of the page. Related-Searches gives the topics related to your subject that people are searching for.
  • Visit Amazon and search for a book on your subject. Look in the book preview for the table of contents. The chapters listed in there could be your potential topics for blogs as well.

There are many more resources that you can find on the internet such as this popular guide on How to Write Blogs & Vlog Scripts: A Step by Step Guide for Bloggers.

I hope this post helps you in your own blogging and vlog journey!


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