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How to Become a Book Reviewer?

To be a book reviewer you got to love books.

book reviewer

If you love books then you will find that becoming a book reviewer is actually very easy. Here is the three step process for becoming a book reviewer.

In the first step – Get Started with a Blog

Even if you aspire to work for a news-magazine as a book reviewer instead of independently as a freelancer, having your own book review blog is a must for many reasons.

Getting started with your own blog is easier than you think.

Here are two great resources:
“The Blogger Trailmap: How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level in Easy Steps,” by Chivi Frost: and “How to Start a Blog in Three Months: The Complete Step-by-Step Toolkit for Beginner Bloggers”:

In the second step – Learn How to Do Book Reviews

Here’s a complete checklist of how to do book reviews: The Book Review Checklist: How to do a Book Review In 7 Steps
Start posting reviews of some books you have read. Then reach out to some authors on Facebook groups and offer to review their books for free. Eventually as your reviewing skills improve, you will start seeing a steady traffic of requests for both free and paid book reviews.

In the third step – Register with Book Review Directories

book reviewer

Here’s a complete list of book review directories and book review sites:

Once you have a portfolio of book reviews on your blog, you can start emailing editors of major magazines offering to do freelance paid books reviews for their publications.

Wishing you much success!