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How is different from professional resume makers, career advisors, resume making books, recruiters, resume making tools & LinkedIn profile helpers and job boards?

Unlike professional Resume Makers, LinkedIn profile helpers & Career Advisors who follow a text-book approach, goes beyond the obvious for you. utilizes creative approaches to maximize your experience and expertise for hiring managers. It arms you with insider information so you exceed the expectations that recruiters, HR and hiring managers would have from you.

Career Advisors are good for you if you need emotional support. They follow a fixed template – ask you to fill in your goals, match your profile with job profiles and are trained to provide emotional support during job search. However is designed with a clear focus. Find your next job quickly without being distracted by paperwork, text-book advice or pep-talk. With, you have the benefit of tools created by people who have excelled in the business world – techniques which are proving to be successful everyday.

Unliked books, we do not expect you to spend time learning new methods. You start on your career journey from Day One with Also, books go stale as soon as they come out – online tools are continuously updated to reflect trends and changes in the job search world so you have the latest program at your finger tips.

How about if I just work with recruiters? Remember recruiter is – at the end of the day – a sales rep hired by another company to find candidates. They work for the company not for you. You must position yourself for maximum impact when meeting them. recognizes this and automatically focuses you to take maximum advantage of your interactions with the recruiters.

How about resume making tools? These tools follow a cookie-cutter approach. If you use these your resume will look exactly as any body else’s resume. However you can use them as a starting point if you like. But please don’t waste your money on a paid resume tool.

How about job boards like, indeed and LinkedIn jobs? does not replace these resources. However when you put your profile on any job board you have to put your best foot forward. These job boards have a very basic resume creation tool which can not be used to create a Killer Profile. Once you create a Killer Profile using you can upload it on these job boards. Also, when you appear for an interview you have to be ready to distinguish yourself from everyone else. And when you are searching for a job, you have to be ready to search beyond the obvious resources. empowers you to put your best foot forward.

Our Story – Please read our complete story on the About Page. Here is an extract.

It is proven that a “resume expert” or a “personal branding consultant” rarely turns out to be anything more than an expensive cosmetic. So then, who is most capable of helping you? You! You know yourself best and you are most capable of making things happen for yourself!!

That is why, we were inspired to create uniquely powerful, and yet, easy-to-use tools for achieving your goal – by enabling YOU.

We did this by designing very simple to use apps, leveraging information and advice from the best in the world. From people who are real-world industry experts, not merely “text-book type” career coaches. Using these innovative apps, you achieve your objectives in easy, self-guided steps. Career Development Toolkit tools are personalized for your experience level and are continuously being updated to reflect new information and trends. We want you you to win and we are confident of your success.