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Introduction to the Career Development Toolkit

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Welcome to Career Development Toolkit! We are excited to have you here and we look forward to your success.

What is the Career Development Toolkit? Career Development Toolkit is a set of free step-by-step guides to help you find your job quickly and win in the interview. The Career Development Toolkit includes many tools, templates, cheat-sheets and examples.

Though these guides have been especially created for job seekers in USA and Canada, you can leverage them in other countries as well. Whether you are an immigrant in Canada, in Australia or a job seeker in other parts of the world such as India or the USA, you would find these resources very helpful and time saving.

The Career Development Toolkit is not a cookie cutter resume maker. It is an advanced job finding solution, designed to be personalized for your specific career goals. Whether you are a professional looking for a new job, an immigrant about to start a career in a new country, a back-to-work mom or an executive searching for personal branding ideas – the Career Development Toolkit allows you to tailor the outcomes, and distinguish you from all other applicants.

We believe that Career Development Toolkit is a truly breakthrough system which can catapult you ahead in your career. Here are some of the ways you can leverage these powerful career resources:

  • Revitalize your brand using the secret, insider tools being used by professionals in large companies.
  • Harness the real power of LinkedIn – Social Media – & copywriting techniques, to transform your resume into a killer profile.
  • Uncover opportunities in the ‘hidden’ job market ahead of other job hunters & win in interviews with proven insider tools.

The Career Development Toolkit is designed as a series of posts in three categories – Smart Search, Killer Profile and Winning Interview. The posts in these categories are supported by additional resources available on (e.g. in the Toolkit category).

How To Use the Career Development Toolkit?

The Career Development Toolkit is meant to be an easy to use ‘tool.’ Simply follow the steps in the posts for whatever category you are most interested in.

The three key categories of posts in the Career Development Toolkit are:

Each post in the above category consists of the following two sections – ‘Activity’ and ‘Playbook’.

  • Activity: For every step in the post, first review the tasks you need to complete for that step.
  • Use the steps in the Playbook section in the post to guide you in completing the Activity.

The posts in the each of the three categories (Smart Search, Killer Profile and Winning Interview) contain links to additional guides and templates that you will see referenced as “Toolkits.” There is also a “Rapid Readiness” post in each category which is a short checklist that you can reference in an emergency, to prepare quickly.

Get Started with Career Development Toolkit

The Career Development Toolkit consists of a series of posts in three categories: Smart Search, Killer Profile and Winning Interview. We recommend completing the ‘Smart Search’ program first as it guides you to creating your elevator pitch and professional objective that you will use in preparing your ‘Killer Profile’ and planning for your ‘Winning Interview’.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Smart Search

Step 2: Killer Profile

Step 3: Winning Interview

Wishing you much success!