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Format For Case Study

A case study is a short one or two page document which describes how you provided a solution to a business or technical problem.

A case study is very similar to an accomplishment story – just more detailed.

A case study may describe any work you have done in your past life. The goal of the case study document is to highlight your unique strengths, skills & your problem solving abilities. In addition, the case study should also provide the reader with lessons learned, gotchas to be aware of and real life best practices.

(KBRs & Challenges)

  1. Describe the Key Business Requirements (KBRs) which were drivers for the work done described in this case study.
  2. List the business and technical challenges which needed to be surmounted for the success of the work described by your case study. Examples of some of the challenges could be technical issues, resource limitations, budget constraints, lack of skilled staff etc.


What was the plan of action you outlined?

How did you (or your team) execute the plan to provide a solution?

(Outcome & Lessons Learned)

What was the outcome of the solution you provided – quantify the results.

Think of a quote you can include . Maybe from a happy customer, a satisfied manager or an admiring colleague.

What are the tips, best practices and lessons learned that you can share with your reader?