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Secret Tips For Searching The Deep Web

Make sure google shows 100 results per page.

Ttop right google page- click on the gear symbol – choose Search settings.
Select – “Google Instant predictions” – Never show instant results.
Select “Results per page” – 100

Copy and paste everything into google. Replace keywords with your own terms.

KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 (inurl:~resume | intitle:~resume)
e.g. Critical Care Nursing (inurl:~resume | intitle:~resume)
e.g. Oracle Microsoft DBA Senior (inurl:~resume | intitle:~resume)
e.g. senior finance advisor (inurl:~resume | intitle:~resume)

KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 resume cv filetype:pdf
e.g. Oracle Microsoft DBA resume cv filetype:pdf

KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 resume cv filetype:doc


Search google for resumes on LinkedIn Oracle DBA Data Architect “profile”

Find LinkedIn groups to join and invite yourself! Once accepted, you can reach other members of those groups who otherwise would not be in your network.

The ultimate guide to LinkedIn groups (includes tips on how to search and find the right groups):

Other Powerful Google Search Techniques For Finding Resumes

KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 KEYWORD3 (ext:pdf | ext:doc | ext:rtf) ~resume -~jobs

KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 KEYWORD3 ~resume (me | my) -~job

KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 KEYWORD3 ~resume -ext:htm -ext:html -~jobs

KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 (~resumé|~rèsumè|~résumé|~CV|~Vitae|~vitæ) -intitle:~job -intitle:~jobs

Use the AROUND(). It’ll let you search for things like data AROUND(2) architect to make sure both words are near each other but not necessarily next to each other or in a specific order. The number you give to AROUND specifies the proximity.
e.g. data AROUND(2) architect resume cv filetype:pdf