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Expand Your Network

01. Extend Your Network To Create A Network Of Networks

  • Find information about friends, relatives and all other contacts of all your personal contacts: eg. your parents friends, parents of the friends of your children, friends of your friends & relatives

  • Identify the networks and contacts of the decision makers in the companies in your Target List.

Use the following best practices in your networking:

  1. Identify the job title of the decision maker, and their present organization.

  2. Discover their past organizational connections.

  3. Where do they live, their religion, compensation levels?

  4. Are they on social networking sites, jigsaw, any of your contacts know them? Try to google them.

  5. Which clubs they belong to, what are their hobbies, is any of your friends from their school/college or from the same community/church/synagogue?

  6. Do their children go to the same school as your or your friends? This is easy to find out since this is very much dependent on the locality where they live.

  7. Remember even very small, insignificant common ground can turn out to be useful – as an icebreaker & conversation starter with the decision maker.

  8. Remember you must be careful in revealing that you have information about a person. Most people would not feel comfortable knowing that they have been investigated – even if the information is harmless.

  9. Map other people’s networks – As in the above cases identify the other sub networks and contacts of your contacts.

  10. Just for fun create org charts of the companies you are interested in.

02. Discover New Contacts In Public Events

  1. How to find the public events:

    Ask your insurance agent, sales reps you know, your bankers and investment consultants – what groups they belong to. The main job of these people is to find new business and they go where the influential people in the town congregate.

  2. Find events relevant to your trade. If you are a woodworker, then find out about woodworking shows where many woodworking tools manufacturers participate. If you are an Oracle DBA, then plan on attending Oracle Open World, Oracle Users Group etc.

  3. Today many companies in your field of work organize free workshops, and invitation only events. It’s not too difficult to get invited if you profess enough interest in the company’s product and services.

  4. Seminars

    Find out about seminars in your industry or on topics related to your area of work.

    Check google, local university boards and other industry news sources listed in the section: Build Your Target List

  5. Consider attending some paid seminars. These are exclusive events which draw placed participants who may be in a position to help you.

    Ask the speaker a well thought out question which you have got written down in advance. Be well groomed and refined when standing up to ask your question. Afterwards, meet the speaker, thank him again and ask for his business card or contact information. As soon, as you get back to home, write a short thank you note and request a copy of the presentation. Do not ask for any favours or information at this point. After a few days you can send your feedback on the presentation asking for job leads or other information.

  6. Job Fairs

    • Check out which companies are attending in advance and target those companies first.
    • Bring many copies of your printed resume.
    • If this is a company you are interested in, ask people for their business cards even if they don’t have an immediate job for you. Go home, send a thank you email with an invitation to linkedin.
    • Be well groomed and be prepared to be interviewed on the spot.
  7. User Groups, Conventions & Trade shows

    • If you are helping in your company’s booth, then take a break and check out your company’s competitors.
  8. Reunions

    Organize your class reunion. Meet your ex-classmates and explore career opportunities. Use facebook to connect with, promote and plan your reunion.

03. Discover New Contacts By Reaching Out

  1. LinkedIn

  2. Other Social Networking Forums

    Facebook, Ning, Xing, Twitter, Plaxo, Ryze, Spoke, Classmates, Tribe, Friendster

  3. Authors of whitepapers and publications in your area of work.

  4. Recruiters

  5. Google

  6. Become easy to find.

    Using quick tips from the “Internet Cookbook” section create an effective online presence on the internet.

04. Discover New Contacts Through Long Term Strategies

  1. Enroll for a part time course.

    Many people in such courses are executives and employees of other companies. They can share with you inside information on jobs not yet posted on the job boards as well as introduction to hiring managers.

  2. Take up a part time teaching job in your area of work.

    Hiring managers prefer dynamic candidates who exhibit enthusiasm and interest in being involved in activities even when they are out of a regular job. In addition, this is a venue for meeting some new people who could be insiders of some companies.

  3. Can you teach kids –

    Parents of kids could be good contacts.

  4. Volunteer :

    Being a volunteer would show hiring managers that you have a passion for values in life. Being viewed as an enthusiastic person who is full of life is your biggest asset during the job search phase of your life.

    However, please make sure that your fellow volunteers view you as a serious contributor – else all your efforts would be in vain.