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Executive Summary

  1. What is an executive summary?

    An executive summary of your resume is a condensed, concise ONE page version of your resume which lets the reader scan for your key skills and accomplishments quickly. It’s your abbreviated biography.

  2. Why create an executive summary?

    An executive summary is often used as an introductory piece attached to a mass email campaign, or to your portfolio. It can also be used on the “About Me” page of your blog or website.

  3. Can you use it to respond to job advertisements?

    No. For job advertisements use your regular, full resume.

  4. How do you create an executive summary?

    • Just like anything else – your executive summary needs to be broadly tailored for your audience.
    • Thus, you will obviously have several versions of your executive summary.
    • To create an executive summary – understand who would be its readers – and then summarize your resume in one page highlighting those skills and accomplishment stories which are most likely to appeal to your readers.