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eResume: Increase Your Find-ability

An “Attraction Based Strategy” is the best way to increase your find-ability. You want people to come and find you. For this, you need to become a content producer instead of just a consumer of information. The best way to do that on the web is to launch a blog that centers around both your expertise and passions.

How To Setup Your Blog

What are my choices? Choose from one of the top three most popular blogging platforms: Google’s Blogger, Yahoo’s Tumblr or Open Source WordPress.

Which do you recommend? All three are completely free – but blogger is the most popular and easiest. We recommend blogger as your online platform.

How to set up: Setting up a blog is very easy – so easy that you don’t need any instructions. Just head-out to Blogger and follow the instructions: Blogger: Create your free Blog

What Is Your eResume?

eResume refers to building an online portfolio, using new media resources on the internet. In the past only artists and designers needed a portfolio. Today an eResume can be (must be!) used by everyone to convey a summary of their knowledge and experience.

In very simple terms, an eResume is your blog in which you put your conventional resume together with some additional artifacts related to the work you have done.

What do I put in my eResume?

  1. Your Conventional Resume: Create a “page” on your blog and put your conventional resume in an html format. In addition, also upload a pdf version of your conventional resume which recruiters can download.

  2. Artifacts which supplement your conventional resume:

    • YouTube/Vimeo video of yourself delivering your Value Proposition statement
    • Video/podcast about a topic you are passionate about
    • Photos of yourself meeting industry leaders
    • Photos of yourself receiving an award
    • Audio/video/written testimonials from other people
    • Your work portfolio if relevant
    • Ongoing research or projects you are working on
  3. Blog Posts

    • Sample projects
    • Helpful tips for your viewers: YouTube Demonstrations, Viewlets etc
    • Summarized version of any trainings or seminar you have conducted
    • Reviews of products, solutions etc which showcase your knowledge
    • Any mention of you in other blogs/press/media/newsletters
    • Your analysis of some trend in your industry
    • Your analysis of some topic related to your area of expertise

An Effective eResume Strategy

Minimalist is best. It is best (even for artists & designers) to start with a ‘minimalist’ and small online presence. If you are an artist then showcase just 3 of your best works, not 100 of your average creations. If you are a sales person then just show one or two videos of your Elevator Pitch and an audio testimonial not 10 bad videos which would actually detract from you credibility.