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Easy Conversation IceBreakers

Easy Conversation IceBreakers

  1. Find something good to praise the company. Look up the stock price if it is going up.

  2. Google the company for any recent news on the day of the interview. Share a recent news article which has good news about the company.

  3. Offer a genuine complement to the interviewer. Maybe he has an office with a good view or he is wearing a very good tie.

  4. How to talk to anyone about anything?

    In an answer to this question, Pamela Walin the famous TV star says, “People are endlessly interested in themselves. Ask them some questions which lets them talk about themselves!”.

    1. Ask the interviewer -“How long have you been with the organization?”.

    2. Followup with – “What attracted you to working for this company?”.

    3. You can also ask – ” What have you liked most about working here?”.

  5. Avoid the following topics: Religion, money, politics, relationships, family problems, sex and health issues.

  6. Travel is a fascinating and safe topic – Mention any interesting place you have traveled to and ask the interviewer if he has been there.

  7. Don’t try to be funny. Humor is best left to the point when you know someone.

Is there something NEW you can share with the interviewer? Some information or concept which the interviewer wouldn’t know?

It doesn’t need to be a technical information – it could be the breaking news in the industry, a trend which would affect the interviewers’ company or a something else which the interviewer may be interested in.

A very senior executive once said: “I find the interview to be a meaningful session if I could learn just one new thing from my conversation with the candidate.”