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Download Your Post Plan Template: For Blog, Vlog, YouTube Script & Podcast Planning

How can you write great content which gets you the results you want?

blog post plannerA few years back, one of my clients, Mariano started a blog which was full of great insight and useful information. And yet his posts were buried deep in the Google back-pages, and the blog had almost no audience interaction in the form of shares or comments.

Mariano, the blogger, continued plodding on, putting out very useful posts very regularly for months. Yet he seemed disappointed that the blog wasn’t furthering his goals of selling his products.

With very simple tweaks, Mariano’s blogs instantly took off – his blog posts started showing higher up in search results and people were commenting more. Mariano earlier created posts with creative headlines which sounded cool but did not contain search words. By following simple headline formula, Mariano’s headlines spark curiosity and also shows up high in searches.

Mariano’s engagement level started going up as well. By calling out some tangible benefits to his audience and explicitly asking for feedback and shares, Mariano’s blog posts and videos started getting significantly traction.

With a more predictable post schedule, Mariano eventually started seeing more people subscribing to his blog, and some of the products he sold (books and video courses) began to see spike in sales.

Is Good Content Creation Complicated?

You not only want your content to be meaningful, but you also want it to serve as a marketing tool attracting visitors and potential customers.

Harried as we are in our everyday life, we are more likely than not to forget all the really crucial marketing tweaks and simply push out creative content. And then we feel surprised why our well written creative content lingers in the dark backwaters of internet without attracting any attention from anyone!

Mariano, a blogger with whom I worked with, was able to take his blog from obscurity to stardom in a matter of weeks just by fine tuning the content that he was producing.

But who can remember all those things – magnetic headline, CTA, social media mentions?

Using a template which is patterned after the copywriting and SEO best practices is the only way to be consistent in your content quality.

The template we provide here distills the best of the best practices that professional bloggers use. You can use it to create your blog posts and also to create scripts for your YouTube videos.

How to Use This Template?

The template is available as a PDF file. Download the file and print it out. Fill it up. Then after one week, brainstorm your filled template with a few trusted friends. Ask them for their feedback. Print another copy of the template with your final version.

Later on, if you need to make adjustments, feel free to cross out certain things and add new ones.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

I have found greatest success through work which required huge effort but zero stress. How can a work requiring massive effort not stress you out?

When you enjoy some work, you won’t get panic attacks from sweating through a lot of hours. That’s why it is important not to get wrapped up in blogging as a grave and gloomy endeavor. The whole point of your journey is to make you happy.

Have fun. Think of ways to make your journey as fun. Your audience will love you when they see you having fun. A smile is infectious!

When filling out the templates, use different colored inks to keep things feisty! Talk to your audience about finding Zavesti templates and how you use them. Make a video about your blogging goals or goals for your YouTube channel. Share your goals written out in the template with your audience.

After 30 days, make a video about what you have accomplished and the challenges you face. After 60 days, write a post or create another video about things you have learned and are learning on your video or blogging journey.

Right there you have cool ideas for your video or blog! Enjoy your journey. You will discover that the journey is as exciting as accomplishing your end results.

Happy blogging and vlogging!

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