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A Step by Step DIY Site Audit Guide for Bloggers

diy site audit for bloggers
Now that you have your blog or YouTube channel up and running, it is time to do a review of what you have going. The following free DIY Site Audit tools will help you check how your site compares with the basic principles of online presence.

What is Online Presence?

Your online presence is your blog, vlog, social media posts or any other web property which you put on the internet for public consumption.

You can bucket your activities surrounding your online presence into several facets. We have included below tools to review your online activities for these facets.

How to use the the DIY Site Audit Tools?

The best way to use these tools is to do a site audit, then make some changes and then do your audit and analysis again. Remember this is an iterative process.

Start with an Overall Site Audit

Check Links or Anchors

Links are very important in the Google ranking of your site. This is why I have included multiple free link check tools here. Each of them gives a different perspective on your links.

  • Check if your site is pointing to dead links: dead link checker
  • In addition to broken links, this tool also checks if any page on your website has been blacklisted – it then categories links as broken, blacklisted, internal and external so you can quickly filter and fix them: Dr. Link Check
  • This tool checks broken internal links, anchors, plus broken external links :

Analyze your Headlines

Audit your Site for Overall SEO

  • For on-page SEO, is one of my favorite tools. You can only run this tool once per day so take a screenshot of the report so you can start fixing the highlighted issues. It identifies the top SEO issues and the keywords cloud it shows is great indicator of how a visitor or a search engine crawler (e.g. Google) will perceive your site:
  • This is the best tool to do a quick check for Off-Page SEO: It tells you the incoming links to your site, and also the domain authority and page rank for your site.

Audit your Individual Posts for SEO: Keyword Density

Do a Plagiarism check – Duplicate content

Check Google Index

  • This will show you what pages of your site are indexed:

Do a Security Check of your Website or Blog

Check Performance of your site

Check your Marketing Maturity


I have given you the easiest to use free tools in this post. However there are many other tools which do similar analysis – I have included them below if you want to check them out.


DIY Site Audit Guides

If you would like to learn more, the following guides are worth checking out.

Additional DIY Site Audit Tools