Demystifying SEO for Self-Published Authors

seo for authorsWhen Jessica published her book her sales languished and she averaged about one book every few months. However, with some simple SEO tweaks she was able to exponentially increase her book sales. Jessica’s story about this miracle medicine – SEO- will resonate with many self-published authors and bloggers who have experienced its powers first hand.

SEO can have a dramatic effect on book sales

Search engine optimization (SEO) can have an incredibly huge effect on your book sales.

With some simple tweaks, your author platform can start pulling in readers without a dollar spent on advertising.

However, since most internet gurus speak in general terms, it is nearly impossible for a self-published author to find a clear way for exploiting this powerful tool. This is why we find most authors missing out on the benefits of SEO.

What are we announcing?

SEO for Self Published Authors - ZavestiThe team is announcing a SEO course specially designed for self-published authors. Download the free pre-launch e-book today to learn more about this course.
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