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Corporate Executive to Children’s Book Author

Author Ed Ehlers and his Australian Shepherd brothers, Max & Tucker, heroes of Max & Tucker Adventures, save animals and share messages of action and redemption.

Another day at the office seemed like one day too many.  So, with a lot of faith, a little anxiety and a dash of insanity, Ed hung up his tie and frequent flyer card and began wearing his raffia cowboy hat everywhere he went.

The places he went were schools, libraries, assisted living facilities, daycare facilities, books stores, fests & festivals, anywhere he could bring his two Australian Shepherd therapy dogs and share his messages of action and redemption.

The message of action was inspired by a simple trip to the woods and transformed into Ed’s first book, Lily & Lucy: An Easter Story.  It is the true story of how he, with the help of his dogs and others, rescued, fostered and found a forever home for two puppies callously abandoned in the woods.  Wanting to do more, Ed formed a partnership with Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, which receives a portion of the proceeds.

Realizing one book does not an author make; Ed began his second book, Deer Oh Deer: A Max & Tucker Adventure.  In this exciting, true story, Ed and his two dogs rescue a deer which had been stranded.  Wildlife Rescue League receives a portion of the proceeds and partners with Ed to spread his message of redemption.

What, you may ask, are the messages that Ed shares with his audience?  The first is – Just act! Imagine the story you will inspire.  Each of us has the capacity to affect hundreds, thousands, millions, by one simple act.  Be confident; act.  The second message is – Those we rescue, really rescue us.  All too often, our intention of helping someone, or something, like a deer or puppies, really turns into redemption for us.  Ed’s life and the lives of his family are forever changed by the simple act of helping an animal in need. 

Further adventures of Max & Tucker are in the works and Ed plans to partner with others for his future books.

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Help Animal Rescue and Look for Max & Tucker Adventures at your favorite bookseller.