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Consy Adione: The ONLY (and the most popular) personal blog in Nigeria

In this post I share my reasons why I decided to give travel with current the only and most popular personal blog.

Consy Adione RelaxingToday is Saturday 23rd February which is the day Nigeria did their 2019 election tho is not what I want to talk about shaa, am just trying to save the date.

Today is just like sit at home because of the election, everyone is at home, no work , no school. I have been on my phone, browsing and reading online since morning till I decided to pen down something on my mind.

Something got me that made me to start writing this post after browsing some things. OK, while I was googling about Nigerian’s blogger, I noticed that there was no personal blogger among all the list of successful bloggers in Nigeria, majority bloggers are into news and entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, music, technology, food, makeup, travel, business etc but I didn’t see any on personal blog.

Thinking about this, I just said to myself no wonder my friend asked me “which one is personal blog, am I the only one allowed to read it” when I was telling her about my blog.

I had to explain that to her because is not a common niche in Nigeria blogosphere and because of that most new bloggers don’t consider it at, all instead they prefer lifestyle and some other common niche because that’s the one everyone knows about so it can be easier to get audience and traffic to their blog.

There are a of lot niche in blogging which I read about before choosing the one I want to venture into, to avoid dropping out from blogging and giving up on the way because of challenges. After much thought about the competition in blogging and what i can offer coupled with the kind of person I am because I don’t like stress, I decided to be a personal blogger and be unique in my own way.

I have always known there is a difference in lifestyle blog and personal blog from the start because I read about earlier before I started my blog but from am seeing online, I think most people doesn’t know there is a difference between the two. I tried googling about Nigeria personal bloggers but I wasn’t seeing any satisfying answer on that accept seeing different niche of bloggers, Linda ikeji (, Jide Ogunsanya (, Noble Igwe (, Uche Eze (Bellanaija), Ovie ( Chude Jideonwo (y!Naija), Loyokieze (, Onibalusi Bamidele (, Makinde Azeez ( etc which are the top Nigerian’s bloggers and not personal bloggers.

This made me think that I am the only personal blogger in Nigeria or is that my own google is different, I don’t get.

Hmm, no much talk,that’s why I decided to give travel with current ( the only and most popular personal blog in Nigeria.

Ashley Coleman Thomas is a personal blogger and she wrote on the difference between personal blog and lifestyle which I will like you to read to note the difference:

You can still read other articles on this topic for more clarification.

Finally, I am encouraging other new bloggers to try venturing into other possible niche and not just to settle for the common ones because you feel they are easy to build and grow audience tho you still have to choose from something you are capable of doing.

The One and Only Personal Blog in Nigeria: