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Checklist – Is This The Right Job For You

Before you go for an interview, you should examine the job opportunity to check if it satisfies all your requirements.

  1. Many of these questions can be answered by the job advertisement or by searching on the internet.

  2. You can clarify some of these questions when you first speak with the recruiter.

  3. Prioritize which points are “must have” and which ones are “nice to have”.

Checklist To Examine A Job Opportunity

1. Company

  • Is the company doing well, growth prospects? What is the outlook for the industry itself?

  • Position of the company in the industry.

  • Where do you see this company in 3 years?

  • Would you be engaged in a work which contributes to the good of the community or will the work conflict with your ethical values?

2. Department & Team

  • What is the average tenure of the people who would be in your team?

  • Why did the previous employee leave? Why is the position available today?

  • Is there stability and security?

  • Is there a well defined routine work?

  • Is the department growing or shrinking?
  • What is the 3 year goal of this department?

  • Is it a competitive environment with a chance to excel and grow?

  • Will you have a chance to lead & mentor people; and build a team?

  • Culture: Is it a social, fun team? How well will you get along with your boss, your peers, subordinates, customers, partners.

  • Do you have an office or a cubicle?

3. Schedule & Work Details
  • Is it a very fast-paced environment with a demanding schedule?

  • Are there expectations for after-hour work, evenings, weekends?

  • Are there peak periods when the schedule will be more demanding and no vacation possible?

  • Are you needed to be accessible 24X7 for emergencies?
  • Is there a possibility of flexible hours?

  • Is this a fulltime or contract position?

  • Is this part-time or full-time work?

  • How many days every week do you have to work?

  • Are there any job-sharing arrangements in place?

4. You

  • What will be your position in the department & company. Whom would you report to?

  • What would be the learning curve for you?

  • What are the resources available to help do the job – for example product managers, company lawyers etc.

  • Is this job directly related to your field of experience and expertise?

  • Is there a chance to learn new things – new technologies – new business models?

  • Would you be expected to bring new ideas, creativity?
  • Do you want freedom from people management responsibilities?

  • Do you need some hand-holding & mentoring or would you rather work independently?

  • Are there opportunities for career advancement, personal and professional growth.


  • What is the minimum income you need to maintain your current standard of living and your dependents?
    How is the salary structured?

  • How much of the salary comes from base salary and how much is variable? How is the variable portion of the salary determined? What is the usual payout for variable component – 100%, 90%, 130%?

  • What are the other components of salary – commissions, stock options, bonuses, pension plan, vacation pay, sign-on bonus?

  • What are the health benefits, dental care and others. What would be your contribution towards these benefits?

  • Other perks like home office allowance, car allowance, club memberships etc.

  • Severance package if you are let go, amount of money payable in lieu of notice.

  • Are there restrictions on your activities during your employment and after you resign?

Geographical Location

  • Is relocation needed?

Commute & Travel

  • Time & expense needed for commute to work everyday.

  • How will you commute – car, bus, train?

  • Is work from home-office possible?

  • How much travel is needed?

  • What destinations are acceptable for you? Would you need VISA for certain destinations? Who pays for the VISA?

  • How much vacation do you need?

  • Do you need long stretches of uninterrupted vacation during the year?

In addition to these questions, identify top three MUST-HAVE requirements for yourself.