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Cheatsheet: Skill-Job Mapper

Skill Groups & Corresponding Job Functions

The skils are listed here to jog your memory and give you food for your thoughts. You may have learned many of these skills and you may simply not be aware of it.

Manual skills

Need some short term training. Anyone can learn these and become good at them.

  • Craftsmanship (Dressmaking, carpentry etc), handyman, car mechanic
  • Fitness instructor, Yoga instructor etc
  • Massage therapist, Chiropractors etc
Artistic & Intuitive

These require training like the manual skills – but they also require aptitude, talent and passion for that particular job

  • Artists, sculptors, photographers
  • Illustrators
  • Draftsmen
  • Engineering disciplines which require drawing – eg mechanical engineering etc
  • Fashion Designers
Reading & Wwriting
Teachers, Editors, Copywriters, Historian, Archaelogist

Observational Skills

Tea Tasters, Inspection related jobs etc

Arithmetics, Mathematical

  • Accountants etc
  • Auditors
  • Staticians

Have you done budgeting or accounting for your family or for family events?


This is closely related to arithmetics – but not all analytical people are good at (nor do they enjoy) pure number crunching.

, Engineering, Scientists, Research Scholars etc

Problem Solving, Product management, Entrepreneur


Career Counsellors, caregivers, psychologists, nurses, doctors

Leadership, Management & Organisational abilities

Project Management