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Cheatsheet: Executive Profiles

01. What is a “Profile”?

Profile is the section of the resume right after your name and contact information. Ideally the profile must contain the job title mentioned in the advertisement or a very clear Professional Objective description.

02. What is the different between “Profile” in the resume for operational/staff jobs vs executive jobs?

Operational job applicants (Intermediate Oracle DBA, Machinist, Nurse etc) – esp those with small work experience – need to keep their resume profile short and targeted. Executives (Senior Architects, CEO, Management Positions) need to reflect their vision, values & flamboyance in their profile.

03. Can executive kind of profiles benefit applicants for staff level jobs?

Yes, but only if they are put together carefully and honestly.

04. What are some of the examples of executive and staff profiles

Examples Of Simple Profiles

Example #1

Professional Objective

Oracle DBA

Example #2


Sales Manager – Sales tracking, Market Research, Report Preparation

Examples Of Simple But Creative Profiles

Identify the value you bring in addition to your primary strength and highlight it in your profile.

Here’s a profile with a creative hook attached to it – in the form of a second sentence:

High Performing Sales Manager with 10+ years of experience with Enterprise level accounts. Achieved 400% growth in the region in FY13 while leading a team of new account managers.

The above profile indicates that the sales rep is a successful salesperson as well as a team leader.

Similarly, other examples of attention grabbing profiles are:

  • A project manager with security skills – having both CISSP & PMP certifications.
  • A lawyer who has a CFA certification so he can understand the legal issues in the world of finance really well

Examples Of Executive Profiles

Example #1


Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence

A visionary Enterprise Architect with 15+ years of experience in aligning technical strategies with key business requirements.

The cornerstones of my career have been integrity, teamwork and excellence. With a wide breadth of industry experience I excel in leveraging innovative solutions for maximizing return on investment.

Example #2

Leader, Entrepreneur, Visionary

A pioneer of Software-as-a-Service business model for Hi-Tech Start-Ups