13 Book Landing Page Examples Which Can Double Your Sales

A book landing page is that page on your website which is dedicated to your book. This page contains your author bio, information about your book, select reviews, and most importantly the “buy button” so visitors can buy your book. You can also embed a YouTube video containing your book… Continue reading

Book Marketing Beyond the Basics for Indie Authors

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The first post in this series “Book Marketing Strategies : Quick Start Guide for Self Published Authors“, was meant to give you a framework to get started quickly with the most essential elements of book marketing. In this post, we step back and review how successful self published authors grow… Continue reading

Book Marketing Strategies : Quick Start Guide for Self Published Authors

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How do you promote yourself as a self published author without the resources of a large publishing house behind you? The good news is that it is certainly possible. Self published authors are doing very well today and making good money. Imagine writing a book and selling it for $10… Continue reading

Art Therapy 101: What is Art Therapy, How to Get Started in Art Therapy as a Career & Art Therapy Resources

Introduction to Art Therapy Art can heal your mind and body and take you to faraway relaxing places. Let’s see what art therapy is and how you can get started in this domain. Art certainly proves to be therapeutic for people in distress and helps them to grow in self… Continue reading

The New Art Market: Contemporary Realism

“The human soul needs beauty more than bread.” – D.H. Lawrence Realism encourages creating works of art inspired by our own experiences in nature and life. While learning how to paint, a beginner realist artist produces art which may be called representational. However, as one gains brush mileage and experience,… Continue reading