Zavesti Inner Circle: Where Self Published Authors Meet Bloggers

We can be so successful together! Zavesti seeks to bring together authors and book bloggers for our mutual success. Please join in the Zavesti Inner Circle to take advantage of the awesome resources we have created for marketing your self-published book! Benefits of Joining Zavesti Inner Circle When you claim… Continue reading

Bloggers & Vloggers: Complete Checklist for an Amazing Blog or Video

Customer Focus Which niche you are writing for: e.g. work from home, sewing, parenting, health, spirituality, technology Audience persona: What are the attributes of the typical visitor to your blog or vlog (YouTube channel) – e.g. age, sex, education, interests Competitor Awareness Who are your top competitors Find your competitors’… Continue reading

How to Create a Winning Image for Yourself on Social Media

blogger persona

How to Create a Winning Persona for Yourself on Social Media? Your social media image, i.e. your online persona, is more than just what you write on your profile. Your image is the sum of the themes you choose for your blog and videos, the causes you support and your… Continue reading

A Step by Step DIY Site Audit Guide for Bloggers

diy site audit for bloggers

Now that you have your blog or YouTube channel up and running, it is time to do a review of what you have going. The following free DIY Site Audit tools will help you check how your site compares with the basic principles of online presence. What is Online Presence?… Continue reading

How to Write Attention Grabbing Video Titles, Blog Headlines & Book Names


Did you know that when you publish a book with a major publishing house – it is not the authors who choose headline and book titles. The publishing houses have experts called ‘copywriters’ whose job is to write attention grabbing headlines. I created this blogpost as a reference for myself… Continue reading

Tell Your Story!

Tell Your Story! Authors, Book Bloggers, Artists, Illustrators and all Creative Entrepreneurs Quick Guide: How to get Started? The Zavesti Tell Your Story Project is a free marketing tool for independent creators. Here are the steps: Please register or login to Registration is free Use “The Amazing Story Template”,… Continue reading

The Advanced Guide to Book Marketing for Self Published Authors

In the first two posts in this series, “Book Marketing Strategies : Quick Start Guide for Self Published Authors” and “Beyond the Basics for Indie Authors: How to Take Your Book Sales to the Next Level” give you a complete set of actions which can sky rocket your book sales.… Continue reading

Book Marketing Strategies : Quick Start Guide for Self Published Authors

novice indie author

How do you promote yourself as a self published author without the resources of a large publishing house behind you? The good news is that it is certainly possible. Self published authors are doing very well today and making good money. Imagine writing a book and selling it for $10… Continue reading