Download the Zavesti 3 Vital Blog Elements Printable Template: Ignore These Essential Blog Elements at your Own Risk!

zavesti three vital blog elements

What are the three absolutely critical elements in a blog strategy? Knowing who your audience is, projecting a consistent, well thought out image to your audience and choosing the right blog niche are the three vital elements which can make or break a blog or vlog. The Zavesti 3 Vital… Continue reading

Create a Killer Video Channel & Blog Gameplan: Download Zavesti Blog & Vlog Game Plan Printable Template

Where do you want your blog to be in 30 days and in 1 year? This template for bloggers and vloggers is designed to help you ideate about your personal roadmap. Instead of attempting the impossible task of accomplishing everything in one shot, a roadmap allows you to approach your… Continue reading

Download Your Post Plan Template: For Blog, Vlog, YouTube Script & Podcast Planning

How can you write great content which gets you the results you want? Mariano and His Blog Reinvention A few years back, one of my clients, Mariano started a blog which was full of great insight and useful information. And yet his posts were buried deep in the Google back-pages,… Continue reading

Must Have Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Templates: Download Free At-a-Glance Planners

What’s the greatest challenge in running your blog or YouTube video? Writing a blog post is perhaps the easiest thing in the world of blogging. The millions of related activities, like optimizing posts with keywords and marketing your post in the social network, are so easy to forget. Blog Calender… Continue reading

How to Write your First Blog Post with Confidence: Create Mind-Blowing Blogs with Zavesti Blog Template

zavesti amazing blog template

Many years back I coaxed my friend Amila to write a blog post. Amila is a very creative thinker, and I thought that anything she wrote would obviously be awesome. I was so wrong! It was not Amila’s fault that her post turned out to be so amateurish. Blogging is… Continue reading