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Career Exploration Tools

01. Resources In Canada

  1. Career Exploration: Identify the skills required, trends for that job title in different cities etc.

  2. Finding A Job In Canada (Service Canada)

  3. Working In Canada (Govt Of Canada)

  4. Other Jobs Sites (Govt & Private) – links to different provinces etc.

  5. Skill Link: For youth facing barriers to employment (dropouts, disabilities, Aboriginal youth etc)

02. Resources In USA

Though many of these tools are for US, these are for the most part, equally useful for job seekers anywhere in the world – Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand.

  1. CareerOneStop:Job Seeker Tools

  2. LAVOS/LAWORKS: Job Seeker Tools. Website developed in Louisiana but will serve as a guidance to jobseekers worldwide.

  3. ISEEK: Job Seeker Tools (including free career assessment. Website developed in Minnesota but will serve as a guidance to jobseekers worldwide.

  4. O*Net Online: Search for occupations that use a specific tool or technology. Or explore occupations that match your skills.

  5. careerkey: Understand the type of careers that might be right for your personality.

  6. Occupational Outlook Handbook: Learn about the nature of the work, the educational and skill requirements, pay and advancement opportunities, and long-term job outlook.

  7. acinet: Explore your skills with the Skill Profiler.

    Discover (in about 5 minutes) which occupations & industries employ your skills.

  8. acinet: Comprehensive industry information for job seekers in USA.

    The “Locate Employer” section lets you find jobs for a group of skills in any area in USA.
    If you are coming from outside North America, use this website to find north american names for the jobs you do today.

    Very useful while writing your Professional Objective. Keep in mind the skills listed here for your resume.

03. Misc Tools