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Blog 201: Your Own Domain Name

Super Searchers Go To The Source

Use These Resources To Research Companies – Many of these sites also contain information about the people who work in those companies.

  1. SmartBrief Industry Updates. Become a real industry expert, be an informed job seeker.

  2. ZoomInfo Find information about industries, companies, people, products and services

  3. Jigsaw

  4. CEO Express Investigate the top companies (including those in Canada) & more.

  5. Free electronic files of annual reports

  6. FTT Research Information on millions of domestic and international companies and decision makers in those companies.

  7. Highbeam Online library and research tool

  8. Glassdoor Anonymous employer reviews and salary information

  9. The Vault Read employee surveys on particular companies

  10. Wet Feet Company and career profiles and salary information

  11. Internship Programs Internship search engine

  12. Quintessential Careers Expert advice, templates and career articles

  13. Airs Job Board & Recruiting Technology Directory: Mega list of Job Search Sites. Find niche boards within your industry, and geography

Leverage These Top Networking Sites To Connect With Insiders & Information Sources

Follow the spirit of the media you choose. Professionals on LinkedIn do not expect a periodic update on your cooking experiments. On the other hand facebook friends and fans expect light, fun stuff not serious heavy discussions.

  1. Facebook Visit Facebook marketplace for posted jobs – you can message the hiring manager directly. The second way to get a job job using Facebook is to join groups and fan pages to find people with common interests and to network with them.

  2. LinkedIn The most popular business networking site today.

  3. Jobster You can search for open positions and see who the person is who posted the job. Then you can add them to your network and connect with them to find out more about the position.

  4. Twitter Before you follow anyone on Twitter, you MUST have a completed profile. This means, you should have a short bio, the location where you’re from, a link to a site (your blog or LinkedIn profile) that recruiters can go to for more information and an avatar of yourself..

  5. Plaxo Online address book which integrates with ‘Simply Hired’ which is a job aggregator.

  6. Craigslist Very valuable job search tool if you’re not looking to work for a big brand name company.

  7. Spoke Business directory, great tool for finding decision makers.

  8. Classmates

  9. MyWorkster With Indeed Focuses on networks for educational institutions, allowing students and alumni to connect for career opportunities.

  10. JobFox Their USP is their “Mutual Suitability SystemTM” that lets them to match your wants and needs to those of employers to find the best jobs for you.

  11. Ecademy Professional networking site like LinkedIn.

  12. Use the following web tools To Find People:

    ‘PIPL’, ‘PEEK’, ‘YOU’, ‘’,,,,,

5 Untapped Resources For Highly Effective Networking

  1. Ning

  2. Xing

  3. Ryze Business networking

  4. Tribe Primarily popular in US & Canada

  5. Find people from your past like friends & family

  6. Community of pop culture addicts, music lovers and trendsetters who come together to share millions of creative photos, videos and blogs.

  7. Friendster Friends get together to play games etc.

Find These Network Groups In Your Social Media Platform
(eg in LinkedIn, Ning & others)

  1. Recruiter Earth
  2. Jober Talk
  3. Job Hunt Secrets
  4. Social Media Jobs
  5. Greenlight Networking Community
  6. Open Networkers