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Bhupendra Tyagi Surmounts Work Experience Shortcomings To Find A Dream 6-Figure Regional Sales Manager’s Job Offer

After graduating from Delhi University, Bhupendra Tyagi started his career as a Business Development Consultant in a large Fortune 1000 company. However, in a quest to grow vertically and gain experience faster, Bhupendra joined a Gurgaon based Start-Up after a successful year in his first job.

The next 11 years in Bhupendra’s career and life turned out to be full of unwanted excitement. Bhupendra switched several jobs – often once per year – and lived a roller-coaster life in sales. However, after a decade of high-pressure job hopping, Bhupendra started yearning for some stability in his work and life.

Bhupendra wanted to get out of the stressful, unpredictable world of small companies and “settle down” in a large multinational. The many different benefits, enviable facilities and diverse opportunities in the work environment – which large employers like IBM, TCS and others provide – held a lot of attraction for someone like Bhupendra who had spent more than a decade in an ‘eat what you kill’ mode of work.

Unfortunately an unexpected bottleneck surfaced which threatened to derail Bhupendra’s career forever. The hiring managers, recruiters and even Bhupendra’s own career advisors perceived a lot of volatility in Bhupendra’s past life and slotted him as an unreliable employee.

However, after Bhupendra started working with, he learned how he can portray his past life in a different, more fitting perspective.

Instead of seeing the volatility of his career in the past 10 years as a liability – Bhupendra highlighted the enriching experience he had gained by working in diverse markets. Bhupendra positioned himself as uniquely proficient in multiple industries and product portfolios. In addition, his work in small organizations had required him to wear multiple hats and Bhupendra emphasized this as his key strength.

Leveraging effective copy-writing and advertising strategies as outlined by the program, Bhupendra positioned himself as a most desirable candidate. Bhupendra’s efforts paid off when a recruiter employed by a Delhi based Fortune 500 company called him after reviewing his redesigned resume on LinkedIn. In 3 weeks Bhupenda landed his dream job in which he continues to find immense satisfaction. In addition, the job has transformed his family life for the better as his new job in this large corporation gives him and his family peace of mind and reassurance of long term stability.

Please note that the names of the companies as well as the client have been changed/hidden out of respect for their privacy.