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How to Write your First Blog Post with Confidence: Create Mind-Blowing Blogs with Zavesti Blog Template

zavesti amazing blog template

Many years back I coaxed my friend Amila to write a blog post. Amila is a very creative thinker, and I thought that anything she wrote would obviously be awesome. I was so wrong!

It was not Amila’s fault that her post turned out to be so amateurish. Blogging is a science with an easy formula for success. But you do need to know that formula.

Your writing can be as creative as you wish, but it needs to be then framed with a structure which resonates with your visitors as well as search engines.

The Zavesti Amazing Blog Template gives you a template which will make your blog shine every time. Believe it or not, by using this template you will be immediately ahead of 90% of bloggers on the internet.

The Zavesti Amazing Blog Template is not designed to curb your spontaneity. Your natural creativity can flourish more freely when you use this blog template since you no longer have to worry about the mundane, repeatable aspects of a blog post.

Let your creativity fly free! Use the Zavesti Amazing Blog Template to make your first blog post awesome!

The “Zavesti Blog Template” included with this post gives you a framework for creating eye-catching, viral blog posts.

The Amazing Zavesti Blog Template Sections

  1. Headline: Create a headline which is both attention grabbing as well as search optimized

  2. Introduction: The goal of your introduction is to keep your reader reading. Think of an icebreaker story or some funny quote to surprise your reader

  3. Image: Photos of people work better than digital illustrations in general – unless the illustrations are very relevant

  4. Body: Use short paragraphs. Each successive paragraph should transition naturally from the first. Get to the point very quickly.

  5. Conclusion: Summary in 1 ~ 3 sentences everything you have discussed in your post body. Your CTA (Call to Action) is a sentence in your conclusion in which you encourage your reader or viewer to do something.

About the Zavesti Amazing Blog Template

The Zavesti Blog Template is a template used by both beginner & advanced bloggers and it has the potential to make your blogs go viral very quickly.

The Zavesti Amazing Blog template is deceptively simple. When we spell out the sections of the template, it all seems common sense. But check out the blogs of beginner bloggers, and tell us if you see them following any well-designed structure?

By using this blog template, you will ensure consistency in your blog posts and they will always be of high quality.

Practice Makes a Blogger Perfect

The difference between a beginner and advanced blogger is in “pen-mileage”. For a beginner blogger, it is important to start writing quickly – and write a lot – without getting mired in text-book concepts.

Start writing today using the Zavesti Blog Template. As a beginner, don’t worry too much even if your headlines are not perfect or if your CTAs are not working.

Once you have written, say 10 posts – that’s the point when you would be ready to review the advanced blogger checklist.

For now, focus on writing!

Conclusion: How to use the Zavesti Blog Template

The focus for beginner bloggers should be to get started with writing. You can use this blog template anywhere – on any blogging or vlogging platform.

Print out a few copies of the template, make short notes on the printed template and then flesh it out on the blog post.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

I have found greatest success through work which required huge effort but zero stress. How can a work requiring massive effort not stress you out?

When you enjoy some work, you won’t get panic attacks from sweating through a lot of hours. That’s why it is important not to get wrapped up in blogging as a grave and gloomy endeavor. The whole point of your journey is to make you happy.

Have fun. Think of ways to make your journey as fun. Your audience will love you when they see you having fun. A smile is infectious!

When filling out the templates, use different colored inks to keep things feisty! Talk to your audience about finding Zavesti templates and how you use them. Make a video about your blogging goals or goals for your YouTube channel. Share your goals written out in the template with your audience.

After 30 days, make a video about what you have accomplished and the challenges you face. After 60 days, write a post or create another video about things you have learned and are learning on your video or blogging journey.

Right there you have cool ideas for your video or blog! Enjoy your journey. You will discover that the journey is as exciting as accomplishing your end results.

Happy blogging and vlogging!

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