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Beaten By Love by Sultana Sams

beaten by love book reviewBeaten by Love is a fast paced story of a girl who falls in love only to discover that life is complex. We are all multi-dimensional personalities and no one is purely evil or purely perfect – and that is what makes it difficult for Fawn to condemn her husband and ditch him. There is a good side of him which originally attracted Fawn, and which surfaces back after his violent moments.

The story clearly brings to the front the dilemma we all have. Real life is not black and white and often there is no real resolution to our real-life stories. It is not easy to be smart – you decide what is right at a certain point in life. If it doesn’t turn out to be the right decision it is fine as well. Life is not perfect. Sometimes you have to make compromises and even these compromised are proved to be wrong by life.

This is why I liked the book. It doesn’t offer clean cut solutions. It tells you what life is all about. It is a very realistic picture of life which we many of us or our friends live everyday. Instead of being judgmental about Fawn, I see this book as a great story which brings out the challenges and decisions we or someone close to us may be faced with someday. Sultana Sams writes an intensely absorbing story and keeps us spellbound till the the end.

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