Zavesti Author Spotlight

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The Zavesti Author Spotlight program is for you if you are a self-published author looking to promote your Amazon Kindle or Paperback books. Authors who are published elsewhere (e.g. other publishers like Nook etc.) are also welcome. What is the “Zavesti Author Spotlight” Program? We are inviting 100 authors to… Continue reading

Bloggers & Vloggers: Complete Checklist for an Amazing Blog or Video

Customer Focus Which niche you are writing for: e.g. work from home, sewing, parenting, health, spirituality, technology Audience persona: What are the attributes of the typical visitor to your blog or vlog (YouTube channel) – e.g. age, sex, education, interests Competitor Awareness Who are your top competitors Find your competitors’… Continue reading

Download the Zavesti 3 Vital Blog Elements Printable Template: Ignore These Essential Blog Elements at your Own Risk!

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What are the three absolutely critical elements in a blog strategy? Knowing who your audience is, projecting a consistent, well thought out image to your audience and choosing the right blog niche are the three vital elements which can make or break a blog or vlog. The Zavesti 3 Vital… Continue reading

Create a Killer Video Channel & Blog Gameplan: Download Zavesti Blog & Vlog Game Plan Printable Template

Where do you want your blog to be in 30 days and in 1 year? This template for bloggers and vloggers is designed to help you ideate about your personal roadmap. Instead of attempting the impossible task of accomplishing everything in one shot, a roadmap allows you to approach your… Continue reading

Download Your Post Plan Template: For Blog, Vlog, YouTube Script & Podcast Planning

How can you write great content which gets you the results you want? Mariano and His Blog Reinvention A few years back, one of my clients, Mariano started a blog which was full of great insight and useful information. And yet his posts were buried deep in the Google back-pages,… Continue reading

Must Have Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Templates: Download Free At-a-Glance Planners

What’s the greatest challenge in running your blog or YouTube video? Writing a blog post is perhaps the easiest thing in the world of blogging. The millions of related activities, like optimizing posts with keywords and marketing your post in the social network, are so easy to forget. Blog Calender… Continue reading

How to Write your First Blog Post with Confidence: Create Mind-Blowing Blogs with Zavesti Blog Template

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Many years back I coaxed my friend Amila to write a blog post. Amila is a very creative thinker, and I thought that anything she wrote would obviously be awesome. I was so wrong! It was not Amila’s fault that her post turned out to be so amateurish. Blogging is… Continue reading

How You Can Actually Make Money Online: The Complete Guide for Blog Monetization

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Unless you are a pretty gold digger, this post is for you. This post isn’t about creating prank videos, playing video games and making jokes, live-action comedy sketches, funny makeup tutorials or other such videos. I don’t expect you to lug a microphone around the town asking girls, “What’s your… Continue reading

An Author’s Dream

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My hut lies in the deep woods, I swim with the fishes in the cool mountain stream. No news of the affairs of the world, Only the occasional song of the Nightingale. The sun shines and I mend my shirt, When the moon comes out, I read my prayer books.… Continue reading

The Cupcake Coloring Book by Lela Stankovic: Mouth-Watering, Spectacular Drawings to Bring Out Your Hidden Artist

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How did coloring become such a sensational phenomenon? The shifts in our social habits, and the all-around rising costs are forcing people to think of creative solutions for group activities. Consider, what can you do on a date night which is fun, cheap and different? Even a tired old idea,… Continue reading

Demystifying SEO for Self-Published Authors

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When Jessica published her book her sales languished and she averaged about one book every few months. However, with some simple SEO tweaks she was able to exponentially increase her book sales. Jessica’s story about this miracle medicine – SEO- will resonate with many self-published authors and bloggers who have… Continue reading

Tell Your Story!

Tell Your Story! Authors, Book Bloggers, Artists, Illustrators and all Creative Entrepreneurs Quick Guide: How to get Started? The Zavesti Tell Your Story Project is a free marketing tool for independent creators. Here are the steps: Please register or login to Registration is free Use “The Amazing Story Template”,… Continue reading

Painting Glorious Rose Flowers in Watercolor – in 7 Stages – by Lela Stankovic

The four wonderful seasons in Canada offer an abundance of inspiration for an artist. The deep – yet bright – fall colors, the radiant beauty of the Iris flowers in spring, and the many more enchanting faces of nature – Canada is truly an artist’s paradise. “Rose” Watercolor by Lela… Continue reading

How To Start Your Career or Business as an Interior Designer: Real World Advice from Iván Meade

I remember that when my grandmother left her house to come live with us, she left her heart in her old house. The house which she had built and fashioned with her own hands, the furniture she had bought, sweet and sour memories associated with her old house – she… Continue reading

Creative Entrepreneurs, Ariane and Alexia Share How To Make a Living Doing What You Love

When Alexia and Ariane chose Austin, Texas as their hometown, they brought with them the rich cultural heritage of France where they had grown up. On the other hand, in Texas, while we are inspired by the impeccable French taste in fashion and revere the Old Masters of Art –… Continue reading

Laurel Hoffmann Explains Why Sewing Can Be A Top Career Choice For a Solopreneur

Alex organized his first fashion show with the help of his supportive family and a few friends. While the show was still three months away, he made a discovery which surprised him. While preparing for the fashion show, Alex realized that not knowing sewing is a big handicap for a… Continue reading

The New Art Market: Contemporary Realism

“The human soul needs beauty more than bread.” – D.H. Lawrence Realism encourages creating works of art inspired by our own experiences in nature and life. While learning how to paint, a beginner realist artist produces art which may be called representational. However, as one gains brush mileage and experience,… Continue reading