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Angel of Mercy (WWI Trilogy Book 1) by Melina Druga

War is a harrowing time, and yet, some good can come out of it, including love. Our capacity for compassion and creation clashes with our ability to crash and kill. It is from this sweaty wrestle that love is born.

In the angel of mercy we read about Hettie Steward who is a lively and determined young girl who seeks happiness in her marriage which forced her to sacrifice her passion for nursing. When the Great War started, it brought an unexpected opportunity for Hettie to return to her beloved profession.

In war stories, we find war veterans who are scarred for the rest of their lives with their minds deranged by the horrors they have witnessed, but we also find the zest for life, with all its pain and beauty. Melina Druga’s book takes us on an unforgettable trip in which we view WW1 from the lenses of ordinary men and women who lived and loved during those harsh times. People who had the same desires and wants as we do.

Melina creates a very fast moving plot which keeps us riveted throughout the book. I enjoyed the tight pace of Melina’s book, the conversations of the people in the book and the picturesque descriptions of those bygone times and places.

This book gets a five star rating from team!

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