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An Interview With John Wilson: Coaching Uncovered

John Wilson has over 25+ years of experience in some of the largest and most complex business organizations.

He pioneered the adoption of community building tools in Fortune 500 development teams while the concept of social media was still in its infancy – resulting in a dramatic increase in the productivity of the engineers. Passionate about the need for a cleaner planet, John is today a crusader for the use of ‘Green Technology’ in our everyday life.

John loves to mentor and groom the businessmen and technologists of the future. Here, John shares with our blog writer Jessica Smith, his perspective on executive coaching for career transition and job search.

Jessica Smith: Do companies and executives get real value from coaches?

John Wilson: A coach can be a catalyst for a positive transformation if he or she is the right fit for the client. To be truly effective, a coach must have a systematic and proven framework to bring for his client.

A strategic framework as opposed to ad-hoc “guerrilla tactics’ is the only way to guaranteed success. A client can get real value from his/her coach, but only if the coach believes in a well planned approach to reaching the goals – instead of relying on quick hit “killer” ideas.

Jessica Smith: How is coaching different from image branding, resume making service, therapy and consulting?

John Wilson: Coaching encompasses different disciplines such as image branding and resume overhaul. Coaching is a a step by step program designed for success. All that is expected from the candidate is enthusiasm and willingness to try.

We sit down with you to understand your objectives. We set correct expectations and strive for a measurable outcome of the coaching engagement. A comprehensive coaching engagement involves analysis, research and personalization – all based on your individual needs. Resume makeover which we do – as part of the coaching engagement – is much more than the use of power words and good language. In addition, coaching includes image branding advice beyond just matching the colors of your clothes.

However, coaching is different from therapy. While therapy focuses on the past and treats dysfunctionality, coaching focuses on the future and focuses on individual behavioral changes.

Consulting on the other hand, focuses on the organizational performance while coaching fosters individual performance in a business context.

Thus coaching is really a comprehensive and practical approach to help you excel in your chosen field. It encompasses the best of each related discipline and gives you the benefit of a mentors’ wisdom who has ‘been there, done that’.

What to look for in a coach

• Clear Methodology

• Awareness Of Today’s Trends

• Testimonials From Successful Clients

Jessica Smith: How is different?

John Wilson: is a platform for bringing together industry leaders, seasoned professionals and successful businessmen who find joy in the success of the people they mentor. The program is based on proven strategies, an understanding of today’s job markets and its various players – recruiters, decision makers and job-hunters.

And last, but not the least, the Career Development Toolkit, I believe, is the most comprehensive and yet, simple tool available today. Many of our clients who had been struggling to find a job for a long time, have had a turnaround with the help of Career Development Toolkit.

Our goal is to empower you with the tools and the knowledge you need to breakthrough.

We want you to be successful.

Jessica Smith: Thank you John!