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Addictive, Gripping and Immensely Enjoyable Crime Thriller: An Honest Mistake by B. B. Teeter

an honest mistake by b b teeter book review

Why I Love It

B. B. Teeter is one of my personal favorite authors, and this is my favorite book of his. He writes immensely enjoyable crime thrillers and his book, “An Honest Mistake” is no exception. This is a book which is full of surprises and, in its distinctive way, full of life.

I also loved the entertaining dialogues which are Teeter’s specialty.. I found myself going back again and again, to read snatches of conversations which I had found especially amusing.

The book is addictive and I spent a whole delicious day reading it. Chances that you’ll be able to put Teeter’s thriller down once you’ve picked it up? Slim to none.

A Crime Fiction Aficionado’s Dream

It’s not much of a crime, more of a prank maybe. Three shots fired through a suburban living room window one night. But retired multimillionaire restaurateur Art Mintz isn’t satisfied with the dismissive police response—this is the home of his son, daughter-in-law, and only grandchild. Wanting answers, he hires smalltime San Diego security consultant Kirbi Mack.

And indeed the shooting is more than just a random prank, as Kirbi soon learns. Behind the act stretches a complicated story involving a disgraced local investment scammer, some misguided political nut jobs, and a rare pistol linked to a dozen murders. Not to mention, a ruthless cartel sicario wanted by the FBI, $150,000 in missing loot, and a member of the Mintz family with some big secrets.

It’s a rich, complex salad of exotic characters with conflicting motives, but a tasty one. All Kirbi has to do to get her answers is stay focused. Oh, and in the end—stay alive.

an honest mistake by  b b teeter
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Kirbi Mack: Unconventional & Fun

Kirbi Mack, the ace problem solver is not your stereotyped text-book following detective. She breaks the rules and wins our hearts. All of us deserve lucky breaks, and we certainly don’t grudge our winsome Kirbi Mack a few fortuitous tips from strangers. Kirbi, with her keen intellect and enviable intuition unfailingly gets the baddie in the end.

Juicy suspense and long hidden secrets between old acquaintances make it tough to put this crime thriller down, but what is amazing is that you don’t feel the urge to “get done with it” by skipping to the last page. B. B. Teeter keeps us riveted not simply by the mystery which Kribi Mack has been hired to solve, but also by the page-turning, and movie-worthy story in its entirety.

This thoroughly enjoyable crime thriller will leave you desperate to turn the page, wracking your brains for answers. The book lives up to the adage, “Come to crack the mystery, stay for the story.”

A Challenge for Amateur Detectives: Who to Trust?

You’ll never quite know who to trust in this drama – the unworldly professor, his loyal wife, the quarrelsome chicken king, the tycoon’s likable wife, the fraud banker or the shady radio station people. Teeter takes us into a world of wonderfully weird and yet very relatable characters. I found myself quickly and pleasurably immersed in their fascinating lives.

This really is a whodunnit mystery and a fun crime thriller where you don’t know who will come out on top.

I often found myself envying Teeter’s absorbing writing style!

A Movie-worthy Story

If you are a movie producer then this book is a rare gem for you. It’s full of suspense, but it’s also got these flashes of humor which make the book so much fun. It has a brilliantly plotted story which unfolds in a completely natural way. Teeter keeps the pace crisp and there isn’t a page here that flags. An Honest Mistake by B. B. Teeter has just the right mix of action, hi-tech snooping and intelligent detecting to serve as a script for a killer movie.

Summary: An Honest Mistake is a Truly Enjoyable Crime Thriller

The first book in the bestselling Kirbi Mack series had got me hooked and this was my third book by B. B. Teeter – I genuinely couldn’t put it down. An Honest Mistake by B. B. Teeter has very superbly crafted complex riddles and compelling parallel plots that keep you hooked to the end. And to add strawberry on top of cream, it’s got an utterly knockout ending. Like all the great crime thriller writers, Teeter does not rely exclusively on the mystery as a puzzle to be solved to keep us engaged. He knows how to weave a story which reels us in, making us feel as if we are right in the midst of the action as it is happening.

Teeter’s crime thrillers including the book An Honest Mistake do not have a formulaic feel to them. The story continues to surprise throughout the book, and eventually culminates in an unexpected ending. The characters, the plot and the ending are crafted such that it is a story which actually leaves you feeling good. I certainly felt refreshed and recharged after spending a Saturday lazily sipping sweet milk tea and reading the An Honest Mistake .

My Recommendation? Read! You won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon:

About the Author: B. B. Teeter

Mr Teeter book authorMr. B. B. Teeter is the author of The RayBright Caper (2012), An Honest Mistake (2014), and Circling the Drain (2017). Though ensemble novels, they center on smalltime San Diego security consultant Kirbi Mack.

He grew up in New York State, but lived most of his adult life on the West Coast. He spent five years in Alaska, another thirty in the San Diego area, and now makes his home in Las Vegas.

Teeter studied liberal arts in college and is a military veteran. He has worked in bookstores, in sales, as a bureaucrat, as a housepainter, and for a large Indian casino in Southern California. In 2011, when the casino downsized, he was offered a buyout. He took that buyout, and retired early: to write crime fiction. He considers it the best decision he ever made.

If not at his desk writing, he can likely be found noodling on a guitar, or else walking on his treadmill, where he likes to read and watch movies.

Where to Find Mr. B. B. Teeter

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