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e-Mentoring: A New Trend In Job Search

“75% of successful candidates today rely on expert advice from mentors during their job search”



Recipe For Success In A Job Search – 2012
Source: Allied Group
A survey of 900 recruiters and job applicants


In 300 BC, Chandragupta Maurya, who was the founder of the first imperial power in India, relied heavily on the advice of sage Chanakya. And, like the ancient sage, today’s business leaders and successful career professionals have their own sagacious advisors – usually called executive coaches and mentors.

So, what is coaching & how does it work?

Coaching fosters individual performance in a business context and helps clients in tackling difficult issues. Having filled many different shoes, a coach has inside knowledge of the industry.

He/She can help answer questions like : What would the interviewer expect from his ideal candidate? How do recruiters filter applicants? What are your areas of improvement and areas of strength?

Career coaches can help you navigate almost everything: handling emotions, negotiating for salaries, defining additional skills needed as well as adapting to and being successful in a new workplace.

At the end of the day, a successful coach helps executives discover their own path. In turn, executives who get the most out of coaching have a fierce desire to learn and grow.

Trends: Top 3 reasons coaches are engaged

53% – Develop high potential & faciliate transition

31% – Act as a sounding board

16% – Alleviate bad behaviour

What are some of the trends observed in the world of coaching?

Trends From Around The World:

“Coaching helps hotel chefs build their images and find jobs…” – The New York Times

“Executives depend on coaches to manage their career and jobs.. ” – Newsweek

Trends observed by coaching federations indicate that the reasons coaches are engaged today have changed. 15 years back, mentors and coaches were hired to fix a toxic work environment. Today most coaching is about developing the capabilities of high performers.

We polled a group of 35 clients who engaged a mentor to guide them in career development.
Many people we polled for this article mentioned that an objective assessment from a third party mentor proved to be enlightening and has contributed to behavioral changes in a positive way.

And almost all of them owed their present job to not only their subject matter expertise but also to an increased understanding of industry trends and management expectations gained from their coaches.

What is unique about How is it different from traditional career coaching?

Unlike most career coaching services which provide “text-book” advice, we provide you a with self service tool based on a proven framework. You do not depend on one individual career coach – but instead, leverage the accumulated best practices of career coaching world in a systematic, step by step DIY solution. This is a much more effective way of job search and career planning than the traditional career coaching.

We do not ask you to spend your time in learning new ideas. Instead we provide bite-sized step-by-step, easy DIY programs at the end of which you automatically end up achieving your objective – successful job search, effective resume or an effective personal brand.