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A Beautiful Book: When Angels Fly by S. Jackson (author), A. Raymond (Author), M. Schmidt (Illustrator)

I bought the book When Angels Fly by S. Jackson today to read on my long international flight  hoping it would take my mind away from the chaotic work-week I had left behind. I was not disappointed. This is a a moving story of someone who has experienced more trials than one can imagine, and yet instead of bitterness, we see a thread of faith and positivity woven throughout the story.

The story is about heartbreaking losses and a traumatic upbringing, and yet this is a “beautiful” book because it emotionally touches us as we admire Sarah’s selfless love for her family and those around her.

Reading this book causes one to reflect on ones’ own life and wonder if we could have the ability to turn the clock back and script our lives differently. In writing this review of Sarah’s story, I would find myself at an impasse wondering with sadness how I would have coped under her circumstances.

This is an inspirational story which teaches us how important it is to live right so that tomorrow, next week or next year or next decade we can look back and even if sad things happen, we would be able to rest in peace knowing that we had done the right things.

We feel humbled and yet strengthened as Sarah takes us through her story, a story which shows how it is possible live a meaningful life even in the midst of indescribable pain. May we learn from her words and her story just as her friends have learned from her.  She has more strength than I believe is humanly possible.

This is one of those rare books which is a must read for each of us.

Last but not least, M Schmidt  does a great job in coming up with the illustrations which are just right for the story.

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