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5 Successful and Inspiring Entrepreneurs and their Stories

We have had the privilege of interviewing some very inspiring entrepreneurs and want to share their stories with you. We hope these stories will inspire you to think about the possibilities which are out there for you to take advantage of.

Creative Entrepreneurs, Ariane and Alexia Share How To Make a Living Doing What You Love

authenticaa entrepreneur interviews
When Alexia and Ariane chose Austin, Texas as their hometown, they brought with them the rich cultural heritage of France where they had grown up. Their shop, Authenticaa brings together the best of the two worlds for Austonians. Fuelled by a passion for creative authenticity and eco-friendly living, Authenticaa brings French and European touch to home décor. Created with earth friendly reclaimed wood and other natural products, each piece offered by Authenticaa has a unique blend of beauty, delicacy and elegance.

As Authenticaa shows us, success is inevitable when you stay true to yourself, capitalize on your strengths – and mingle everything together with a dash of common sense and a practical business plan.


Visit Authenticaa to view beautiful home decor collections by Alexia and Ariane.

Laurel Hoffmann Explains Why Sewing Can Be A Top Career Choice For You Today

entrepreneur interviews sewing as a career
The world seems to be going in a circle. More and more women and men are seeking tailor made clothes and smaller boutique fashion stores – which not only provide a better fit than ready-made clothes, but also lend a sense of individuality to the wearer.

In the field of sewing, Laurel Hoffmann is today one of the most respected figures in North America. Author, Teacher and Designer – Laurel today opens up the world of sewing for budding designers through her live sewing classes and also through her books on sewing and pattern-making.

I noticed Laurel also offers a 2-day master class in Philadelphia. I love these short duration courses so much since they makes it easy even for out of city folks to learn from Laurel. If you would like to visit Philadelphia and learn from Laurel in the 2 day workshop and master-class, please visit her website for more information: Laurel Hoffman School: Contemporary Fashion Education.


Design & Multi-Media Career Tips From Nicki Hart: YouTube Star, Extraordinary Teacher, Creative Director

entrepreneur spotlight nikki hart
I came across Nicki Hart’s YouTube channel after I had watched tens of different instructional videos and was getting desperate. My InDesign project was stuck and none of the videos I had watched so far had clear and complete instructions.

What really distinguished Nicki’s video was that she anticipated the challenges a designer would face which demonstrated her real world experience. Her experience and knowledge showed in the instructions she gave and for the first time I was able to complete my InDesign project. I was so excited I stayed late at work (9PM!) on a Friday evening – happily designing my booklet in InDesign and then successfully printing it. I am really happy that Nicki shared her knowledge in the instructional videos.


Explore Nicki Hart’s Videos and WebPage.

How To Start Your Career or Business as an Interior Designer: Real World Advice from Iván Meade

ivan meade entrepreneur interview
Here’s a quote from our interview with Iván Meade: “For me the most enjoyable aspects of interior design are the creative ones. How to make the space beautiful and memorable, but as I answered in my previous question, the priority is that it is functional. Every project is as different and unique as its inhabitants, so you have to be a great listener to be able to accommodate the family needs and create something they can call home. Meade Design Group specializes in residential design. We live and work in Victoria BC, so our style is timeless“.


You can view stunningly beautiful and truly transformational work done by Iván Meade and Meade Design Group on their blog: Meade Design Group.

Old age they say is a state of mind and if you don’t mind boy do I have a story for you: Redemption My father’s Story by Jean Lant

jean lant book review
In her story that Jean shared on, she says, “I have adopted a saying; always enjoy the journey. I believe that to be the best advice ever. My mother would always say, “Oh dear, bread and beer if I was single, I wouldn’t be here. So, the moral of my story is, if I hadn’t done that (all of my past), most likely I wouldn’t be here. The journey has created the best life I could ever life. Thanks for caring enough to read this.

We love Jean’s indefatigable energy and cheerful spirit. Visit Jean Lant’s author page to connect and read her book.


In Summary

There are many people today who have chosen to chart out their own journey instead of signing up for a day job. The Forbes Next 1000 lists many such individuals.

However in addition to entrepreneur biographies, I wanted to feature lessons learned directly from the entrepreneurs to inspire you in this post. I hope the stories and interviews we have highlighted gives you food for thought. It has not always been smooth sailing for these entrepreneurs but they worked hard to overcome their challenges. I am confident that you too will be successful in what you wish for as long as you believe in yourself and your dreams. Wishing you much success in your entrepreneurial journey!