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5 Point Message Template

The 5 Point Message For Interviews

  1. A 5 point agenda lets you organize your thoughts and deliver your key points thoroughly yet concisely.

  2. This will be most useful when you are asked -“Tell me about yourself”.

  3. You will use different parts of this agenda at different times in the interview.

  4. This answers questions most frequently asked in interviews.

1. Professional Objective

In your professional objective, you name your area of work.

2. Elevator Pitch

Your Elevator Pitch is your value proposition. A short (10 second to 2 minute) summary which describes how well you can do the work defined by your professional objective.

3. Success Story

A story about a past success which may be relevant for the current job you are applying for. In recounting your past success use the Situation-Action-Result-Quote format.

4. Leaving Reasons

  • Be honest. But be very concise, avoid criticizing your previous organization. Avoid negativity. You need to look ahead.

  • Focus on why you are interested in this company for which you are interviewing.

5. Vision

At any level of the job, your future plans show enthusiasm and energy.

Professionals & Executives: Create a vision document which outlines a 30-60-90 day plan on how you would bring value to your new company.

Beginners: Outline a plan on where you see yourself in the next three years. Some examples are Self development trainings, areas you want to build expertise and experience in and goals.