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Step 8: Killer Profile: How to Include Social Proof in Your Resume


01. Use the ideas in the Playbook to identify some Social Proof you can use in your resume.

Time Needed: 30 minutes

02. Optional – Put together a portfolio using the Playbook ideas.
Time Needed: 30 minutes

To complete these activities use the following Playbook.

01. Social Proof

Make a list of testimonials, recommendations & feedback:

  • Include both formal as well as informal feedback – think about any quotes from co-workers praising you, emails they sent you etc.. Include even those feedback where you can not name the person saying it.
  • Include feedback from everybody – professional relationships as well as personal acquinatances if they highlight any of your skills and strengths
  • Include some of these “mini-testimonials” in the Accomplishment or the Experience sections of your resume.

List Awards

  • Include awards received in your job or industry or in university/school

Customer relationships

  • Do you have any example of any customer who was specially pleased with the service you provided?
  • How did your work with this customer benefit the company?

Memberships – industry, professional, associations etc:

  • Are you a member of any professional organization like IEEE, Toastmasters, Chamber Of Commerce, Rotary, Watercolor Societies etc.
  • Provide details: Title, period of work, any special skills, accomplishments or responsibilities related to that membership.


  • PMP, CISSP, MCSD, ITIL v3 Foundation etc


  • Papers you may have published. Provide details on where & when it was published, what is it related to.
  • Interactive community blogs or websites you have founded.

Trainings, presentations, speaking engagements:

  • Provide details about topic, size of audience and venue/event.
  • Feedback from the participants
  • Oucome of the event – can you quantify the benefit for your team/project/company or for yourself?
  • Business conferences, trade shows & other events that you have attended and/or where you have presented papers


  • Download and insert logos in your resume – of the past companies you have worked in, of the certification organization, business association you are a part of etc
02. Portfolio (optional)

A portfolio is a must for people in the creative industry. For others like business professionals etc a portfolio is not a must but nice to have.

Toolkit: Cheatsheet: Portfolio