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Antialiasis’s Cave of Dragonflies – What makes the internet to be a beautiful place

There are many parallel worlds surrounding us and one of them is Tajiri’s Pokémon universe, in which the Pokémon Master reigns supreme over all the wild Pokemons and Gym Leaders. The frenzy surrounding Pokemon mania has given birth to many controversies; as well as world events like the launch of Pikachu balloons, live action shows (Pokémon Live!) & and traveling theme parks.

Antialiasis (Hlín) inhabits the “Cave of Dragonflies” in this parallel Pokémon universe. Her website ( celebrates her passion for the Pokémon universe and is full of fun games and Pokémon related fun facts, movie reviews, quizzes, jokes and more.

She is also one of those rare individuals on the internet whose site doesn’t have any hidden marketing agenda – and is a true labor of love. Her website reminds us of the reason why internet grew to be so magically popular. Through her website Antialiasis not only shares the many elements of her Pokémon world, she also is ever ready to help others in many different ways.

The quiz intelsmart on was designed using the logic and help provided by Antialiasis. At present this quiz is offline but we plan to bring it back. Our quiz was inspired by Antialiasis’s quiz: What Pokémon Are You? As you can guess, in addition to being a Pokemon fan, she is also a computer whiz.

Antialiasis did not request any acknowledgement, attribution or payment for her work. We, the team, are humbled and grateful for her kindness in providing help so freely and so promptly whenever we asked for it. This is rare on the internet today and we want to say a big Thank You through this blog to Antialiasis.

Thank You!