13 Book Landing Page Examples Which Can Double Your Sales

A book landing page is that page on your website which is dedicated to your book. This page contains your author bio, information about your book, select reviews, and most importantly the “buy button” so visitors can buy your book. You can also embed a YouTube video containing your book trailer and other videos related to your book.

When you focus on your eBook promotion and reach out to prospective customers through book reviews sites (or a book reviews blog), you will invite these customers to visit your landing page. Thus your book landing page is your most important online asset.

Here are 13 top book landing page examples for you:

The Happiness Project
Hug Your haters
Lauren Oliver
R.L Stine Masterclass
Brand Guide
Brad Thor
Difficult Women
The Art of Asking
Show Your Work!

Your landing page is a critical element in your ebook promotion campaign (or promotion of your print books). Design it well and you will see your book sales double or quadruple quickly!

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