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How to Create a Killer Landing Page: 13 Book Landing Page Examples Which Can Double Your Sales

zavesti landing page design examples for authorsA book landing page is that page on your website which has information about your book. This page contains your author bio, information about your book, select reviews, and most importantly the “buy button” so visitors can buy your book. You can also embed a YouTube video containing your book trailer and other videos related to your book.

When you focus on your eBook promotion and reach out to prospective customers through book reviews sites (or a book reviews blog), you will invite these customers to visit your landing page. Thus your book landing page is your most important online asset.

In creating a winning landing page, your aim should be to create a tunnel vision effect for your visitors, guiding them towards the call to action link on the page. Here is a checklist which we use in creating landing pages for our customers.

Landing Page Design Principles Checklist

  1. Create a simple design with a magnetic headline, clear outline of benefits and call to action.
  2. A book landing page should have clear directional cues (e.g. arrows) guiding the visitor towards your call to action or book purchase links.
  3. If you embed your landing page in your website then take care to strip out all the header and footer navigation links so the visitor is not tempted to click anywhere else.
  4. Your links for call to action (book purchase link) should stand out – embed whitespace around the link so it is clearly visible.
  5. Include some reviews on your landing page which will act as social proof.
  6. Create a sense of urgency if possible by offering a limited time period discount.
  7. Include some eye candy images on your landing page.
  8. If you have a form on the landing page, keep it very simple with easy to fill boxes.

Here are 13 top book landing page examples for you.

  1. The Happiness Project
  2. Essentialism
  3. Hug Your haters
  4. Lauren Oliver
  5. Attachments
  6. R.L Stine Masterclass
  7. Brand Guide
  9. Brad Thor
  10. Difficult Women
  11. Pentagram
  12. The Art of Asking
  13. Show Your Work!

Your landing page is a critical element in your ebook promotion campaign (or promotion of your print books). Design it well and you will see your book sales double or quadruple quickly!